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The People’s Power Provincial Assembly studied the achievements of Matanzas´s Economy

Gloria Machado León 23 julio, 2013

Tania León Silveira, President of the People’s Power Provincial Assembly in the province of Matanzas

“The battle against crime, corruption and social indiscipline has to be fought in urban and rural communities, in our neighborhoods, and even in our own very streets. This is the only way we could have success when facing this problem and at the same time we will be accomplishing the invoke of our President of the Council of States and Ministers, Army General Raul Castro Ruz”

 Expressed Tania León Silveira, President of the People’s Power provincial Assembly in Matanzas province, during the III Ordinary Session of XI Period of such Government organ, carried out in its head office.

Some representatives of the provincial assembly and of the national legislative organ, as well as members of mass organizations , made statements about due to the significance of the subject. That shows that this evil in society and others that threaten the country development and stability are being defeated.

 The work agenda covered the economic results of the province from the first six months of the year. A thorough analysis took place in spite of a mercantile production growth of 4,7 %, which means 69 million pesos, and that they had fulfilled what they had planned for these first  six moths.

However, 54 units did not fulfill their plans and some 36 more didn’t fulfill their growth plans at all.

The main causes of these negative results are based on the sugar industry that only achieved 84 % of what they planned. At the same time the oil industry also had problems when the prices went down, thus there was a significant loss in terns of money.

The Ministry of Construction had negative results too. This institution could not render the amount of houses that were planned to be delivered. And the tourist industry had negative results in the agreed income plan due to the short time foreign tourist stayed in the country.

The units and municipalities that contribute to the development of this activity, as well as the public health services, education, commerce, and gastronomy had to report about their results. A greater emphasis was made in agriculture which is not serving the demand 100%.

The 10 approved projects of local developments for the year 2014 were analyzed in the meeting. The social and economic development of the origin territories was highlighted as well as the Cárdenas people’s power municipal assembly results meeting.

Besides, all the participants were informed about the work of the Permanent Commission of Local Organs and Socialist Legality towards the development of the first rendering results process of the peoples power circumscription delegate to their electors.

These delegates analyzed the idea of granting subsidies to people that need financial support to improve their life status. This way, the agreements that emerged in the 6th Cuban Communist Party Congress will be fulfilled. What’s more, the province received 45 821550 pesos to carry out this goal.

So far, the 13 municipalities of the province have received 53583225 pesos for people with social problems, that at the same time it shows the world that the Cuban government gives shelter to everybody who needs it.

The meeting also analyzed the summer programs for recreation so to supply a healthy schedule of activities on different areas like; beaches, rivers, cultural institutions, sport facilities, etc.

And just closing the meeting, all the members dismissed Mrs.Deisy Garcia Gonzales with lots of applauses, who worked for 18 year in the provincial government, including the last ones as the Secretary of the Assembly. From now on she will be doing other activities.

    Original text by Radio26 Redaction and Dagoberto Arestuhe on July 23th, 2013        


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