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Agricultural and forest technicians will wear their yellow ribbons

Gloria Machado León 6 septiembre, 2013

The members of the Provincial Affiliate of the Cuban Association of Forest and Agricultural Technicians from Matanzas decided to make public their support to help out in the return of the four heroes that still remain in the entrails of the monster.

I quote literally what they said: We have a double commitment with the cause of The Five. In the first place as Cubans, because we are aware that by making that enormous sacrifice, devotion and endless fidelity to the Cuban revolution they have protected us from pain and suffering while preventing terrorist acts against the Cuban people. In the second place, the delegation of Matanzas to the third congress of our association on February 2009 proposed to grant to The Five Heroes the condition of members of honor of the association.

Later on May, 2011, during the celebration of the IX International Conference of Organic and Sustainable Agriculture, a letter they sent was read, in which they appreciated and accepted such a condition with an amazing humility.

By joining Rene’s call we are not only fighting for the return of The Fourfellow countrymen and brothers of ours but also we are claiming the right of four of our members.

That’s why we encourage all the provincial affiliates and the National Seat to follow Rene’s call to share the idea with the foreign associations we have relations with, to publish in the next Organic Agricultural Magazine, which is an editorial about the Five and also to support the initiatives coming from any ordinary Cuban in order to bring our brothers back.

Let’s repeat what our historical leader said: They will return!

Signed by the Presidency of Matanzas’ACTAF affiliate

  Original text by Enrique Tirse Hernandez, on  September the 6th, 2013

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