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Secrets of our Blue Planet and a little bit further…(1)

Gloria Machado León 12 septiembre, 2013

 *** Researchers from the University of California, in the United States have identified seven key factors to prevent Alzheimer. They say that the need to practice physical exercises is one of the main factors. The other ones are: no smoking, keeping a healthy diet, controlling the arterial pressure, preventing diabetes, fighting depression, and improving education.

*** Notice that a two and a half meters high marble statue, fragmented into pieces of Caligula emperor whose full name was Cayo Julio César Augusto Germánico was found in Italy. It comes up seated on the throne like God Zeus. The figure is wearing a typical legionary shoe on its left foot, “the caliga”, what he had worn since his childhood and gave him the name that went down in history. The statue came from an illegal excavation in the south of Rome and it looked like it was going to be clandestinely exported. This site could have been the place where the palaces of Caligula were, who lived from the year of our lord 12 to 41 and was murdered on January 24, 41 during the palatine games by the tribune Cassius Chaerea, of his own Praetorian Guard. The work will be exhibit in the Nemi museum in Italy once it is restored.

*** Notice as well, that attracting the opposite sex could just come down to a matter of smelling. The sex human pheromones are natural chemical substances exhaled by the human body, and although they apparently don’t have odor they do provoke reactions through the smell. Nowadays, a sort of perfume based on concentrate human pheromones synthesized in the lab which are use as olfactory cosmetic additive is launched to the market. They warned it is essential to be use daily after the bathe or the shower because water fades away its effect. They found it in 1986, in the hand of Dr Winnifred Cutler, president of Athena Institute in Pennsylvania, when proving its influence between man and woman relationships and their sexual desire.

*** And I will conclude with this statement of an anonymous author: It’s in the extreme of your own arm where you sooner find a hand to help yourself.


Original text by Roberto Pérez Betancourt on September 12, 2013

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