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Cardenas: its history and culture

Gloria Machado León 17 septiembre, 2013

Museum dedicated to the Battle of Ideas

The carriages, those picturesque means of transportation drove by horses, give its distinguishing touch to the Cardenas City, which belongs to Matanzas province. This territory is alsoknown as the Flag city, because it was here where this National Symbol was raised for the first time in 1850 in the country.

The monument that was raised in 1862 in the Columbus Square, the first Armed Square in Cardenas City, was the first statue erected in public in the wholeAmerican Continent to the admiral who discovered such land, Christopher Columbus.

In this also known City of the Premieres due to the number of events that took place there for the first time in the country, the historical museum Jose Antonio Echeverria stands out, facility that was the house where such an illustrious revolutionary man was born on July 16th, 1932. This house has a great architectural value because of the high level of preservation as a typical colonial house with a neoclassical style.

The Oscar María de Rojas museum merits special attention as well, since it was the second museum opened in Cuba and one of the most important ones in our country that keeps one of the most complete and valuable collection of history, art, natural sciences, archaeology, numismatics and arms.

Likewise, Cardenas city is characterized by its industrial heritage, basically by the Arechavala factory, the most outstanding hallmark of sugar and rum in the national culture and economy. The factory is an important location of industrial heritage, with a remarkable touristic value not only because is still working, but it is the cradle of the famous Havana Club rum.



Orginal text by Marta Fernández Álvarez on September, 17th, 2013


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