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Secrets of our Blue Planet and a little bit further…(2)

Gloria Machado León 20 septiembre, 2013

Jacket with miniair conditioner

*** The intense heat motivates inventors to satisfy the needs of hot people, with the result that in Japan a type of jacket with two “adapted mini- air conditioner”, activated by a lithium rechargeable battery at a cost equivalent to 130 dollars has been put up for sale. Other products, such as cushions, blankets use similar systems as well. And according to press reports they are very accepted by customers.

*** And keen people to discover difficult things have classified some places considered to be impossible to reach by ordinary people. One of them is the named Lechuguilla,  considered to be the most beautiful one around the world and that is why it is preserved by the authorities from the havoc that tourists usually cause. It is located in New Mexico, United States, and they only allowed the access to authorized scientists. It was discovered in 1986 and has more than 150km of passages, ranking Lechuguilla as the 5th longest cave in the world.

*** And I just noticed that the Spanish Pedro A. Pérez García, of 67 years old is living thanks to a completely artificial heart, made of titanium and works with a little engine that pumps the blood. It is placed inside the body and it only shows to the exterior a cable connected to the control unit. Through this, the device can be plugged into the power supplier and get recharged.  Moreover, the artificial heart can also be fed by two batteries that last roughly 12 hours. The source expresses that the beneficiary, victim of a heart attack in 1996, was not able to receive a transplant, and after the artifact was set up he carries out a normal live. I hope he is keeping that well at the time of going to press…

*** And at the closedown, stay with Mr. Ortega y Gasset along with his piece of advice: as well as teaching, teach to doubt what have you taught…


Original text by Roberto Pérez Betancourt on September 20, 2013


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