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Running with good pace the repairs in Matanzas sugar cane factories

Gloria Machado León 4 octubre, 2013


The repairs of the sugar factories, agricultural machinery, and the revival of the villages, maintenance and repair of railways in the province of Matanzas are running with good pace in the Units taking part in the current sugar harvest.

The fact that is going well does not mean that there are no problems, as it is now difficult the entrance of some critical components that are not yet in the province and its processing is not the responsibility of neither the Matanzas Sugar Company nor the Basic Business Unit, it is the responsibility of the National administration.

These resources are those that can endanger the beginning of the harvest on the schedule established by the province, which is before the end of November, although there are factories which starting schedule is on December.

It is worth remembering that if it is done an efficiently small harvest, a good stretch of the race is won. The small harvest is the period from the starting day until December 31st of the current year.
In unitswhere the responsibility is of the territory where it is located the industry itself there are taking all measures to ensure the implementat ion as planned, an example of this is the double-shift work in the areas that require it.

Another problem to solve, in the remainder of October, is the completion of the workforce in key and determinant positions for the factories to achieve the necessary efficiency and to start on time.

Key role has the attention to the workforce and within this the payment system, it is important that each employee knows what is going to earn and all variations which move in their environment on the subject, determining point for emotional wellbeing of workers.

Original text by Enrique Tirse Hernández on October 4th, 2013

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