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Matanzas produces the highest historical figure of beans

Gloria Machado León 15 octubre, 2013

The province of Matanzas successfully contributes to the necessary substitution of imports so demanded by the country. It is about to register its largest historical production when less than ten tons are necessary to accomplish the annual plan of beans ‘production.

 Lázaro Bello Rodriguez, the chief of Agricultural Various Crops Department , declared that the figure of 2062 tons agreed for 2013 is the largest of all times in this western territory located  one hundred kilometers from Havana.

 He added that it is the phaseolus variety the one commercialized in the retailed stores as part of the basic supplies and at the same time it also satisfies the contracts with Tourism.

 The plan, exceeding that of 2012 in more than 370 tons, will also increase next year. In 2013, outstanding results are expected taking into account that the new payment rate to the producers will be applied. In the case of the black bean the hundred pounds increased from 550 to 900 pesos and the rest of the varieties from 650 to 950.

 Matanzas province drives a project of beans development in four different areas. The project includes so far the assembling of ten irrigation machines and the conversion of schools in houses where people involved in the agricultural production can live in.

This way, the agribusiness Lenin from Jovellanos municipality will become in the next few months the main grains producer in the province, including beans, soy and maize.

 Original Text by Juanita Perdomo on Octuber 15th, 2013

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