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A new style castle

Gloria Machado León 17 octubre, 2013

San Severino Castle, in Matanzas

The military technique has been a constant exercise of improving that nowadays has benefited the most dangerous exercise that put at risk the existence of the human being itself.

Since the middle ages centuries, the military practice was aimed at building fortresses around the population they meant to protect. But there are strong signs that prove that this tie was broken by the XVI- XVII centuries when Carlos II from Spain strengthened in his own interest a vast territory of the italic peninsula.

 This practice came into Cuba by order of the monarch Severino Mansaneda when he put every effort in founding a city and a fortress by the bay of Matanzas, a fact that was made official on October 1693 between the 12th and the 13th, which dates its 320 years old.

 The Matanzas Castle, as it was initially called, was the most modern one built in Cuba according to the principles of military art. It was built far from the city, in order to put the danger of destruction away from the city while eliminating the need of feeding a non fighting population.

 It was not built on a high area but its artillery could work with efficiency through the parabolic shot over the bay, a physics development applied to the military technique.

 The San Severino, as it was called later, was part of the Havana’s defense plan, but with its own characteristics. Today is a museum, the only vestige of the creation of the city and above all a very important part of the history of Matanzas.

Original text by Radio26 Redaction and Dr. Cs. Arnaldo Jiménez de la Cal on October 17th, 2013


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