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The Miguel Faílde Orchestra will premiere in Cubadanzón 2013’s International Festival

Gloria Machado León 8 noviembre, 2013

The Miguel Faílde Typical Orchestra will play new musical pieces during the Cubadanzon 2013’s International Festival.

EthielFernándezFaílde, the great-great grandson of the danzon’s creator as well as director of the Miguel Faílde Typical Orchestra hopes that, the city of Matanzas plays the living essence of that rhythm from the close November 21st till the 24th. For the occasion, he promises to premiere eight pieces, which link the national dance with new musical trends.

“Such compositions will enhance the Cubadanzón 2013’s International Festival”, pointed out the young artist about the upcoming event, which emerged in the 80’s decade in order to encourage and promote the genre in the very metropolis that saw it born 134 years old ago.


 For this issue, he has invited the pianist Alejandro Falcón, to whom he asked for a contemporary song, thus a “danzon-timba” might be expected. Besides, the saxophonist Michel Herrera and Don Pancho Terry will join in with proposals specifically created for his grouping. Such Terry promises a very interesting theme due to its fusion with the typical rhythm of the “chequeré”.


The purpose of Fernández  Faílde is to revitalize the genre and offer it from its very diversity and possible understandings with the new musical trends.


“For example, we will have a Danzon played with piano to make visible its richness and eliminate that fixed classification. The idea is to interpret it by different formats like trios and quartets, not only by typical orchestras”, he emphasized.    


He meant the Cubadanzon2013 International Festival will be characterized by a higher sound quality, because besides the Miguel Failde Orchestra’s premieres, new pieces of the Matanzas heritage will be reedited. Among them stand some emblematic contredanses and danzonetes of Aniceto Diaz, sponsored by the Matanzas Concerts Band. (Banda de Conciertos de Matanzas) 


 Miguel Faílde Typical Orchestra was created in 2009, specifically to host the dances in those parties where the danzon was the main character, thus from that year it gained the leading role in the local and national music circles. Its members are students of music who want to show the richness and freshness this band has for all Cubans to enjoy it.

Original text by Radio26 Redaction and Jenny Suárez on November 8th, 2013

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