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The Montserrat Chapel welcomes its Black Madonna (+Photos)

Gloria Machado León 16 diciembre, 2013

After several decades the Black Madonna along with the people rose to the heights of Montserrat. Radio26 Photo

It’s December 2013 and Matanzas host its traditional festival of La Colla , festivity since the late nineteenth century held in the City of Bridges .

He started the day with chords Band Concert own Freedom Square , small traditional costumes enliven the atmosphere and very near there , in the basement of the Gener library and Monte , flags, objects and pictures allude grandparents and their Hispanic heritage .

However, it pretends to be something Colla , one of major importance because after decades of absence The Black Madonna returns to the heights of Montserrat or better , a new replica or invocation of the Virgin Mary that gives rise to the festivities.

Guests have arrived in the capital of the country and members of the Spanish companies represented here: Valencian , Galician , Asturian , Catalan and canaries . All have gathered for this event will contribute to the essence of the pilgrimage and the imagination and spirituality of the city and its inhabitants .

Canadian Barndt Deborah and her husband , John, pedaling across Cuba and almost by chance found The Colla .

” We decided to participate because we want to interact with the Cuban people and get to know their culture ,” she says after the lens of your camera and from a perfect Spanish .

On the street Contreras starts the demonstration. The first step and the most anticipated among these is to move the verge moreneta . Designers and craftsmen artists by creation advise every detail. All are close , eager to document the event, no matter whether they are simple or complex mobile devices.

The climb part with the traditional giant bread. Back lash pipers and in the middle of the crowd observed proceeds virgin stretches from balconies and sidewalks.

Many follow the road to the shrine , including yimara Lavatisda is not coming alone, arrives accompanied by her small . Excited highlights every year returns in the footsteps of his grandfather, about their habits and desires , in this case , would be here in the middle of La Colla .

Continued peat to straighten the road that leads to the heights of Montserrat. Among Ruesca Roberto is excited , the man who revived the festival when nobody remembered subsisted between nostalgia and nursing Catalans.

” ! Do this day ! ” Sentence. “We won another step in identity , having again to the Black Madonna . ”

After decades of absence for the first time since it opened as a cultural center , the Shrine of Montserrat welcomes your virgin. Rests with its golden robe and small about to bless. Its makers : the group of artisans led by César Batista Lazaro , designer Rolando Estévez and restorers Emmanuel Diaz and Sandra Rodriguez proposed a very ours, ie , with the seal of the matanceril .

Matanzas guests and watched on your altar , when Bishop City , Monsignor Manuel Hilario de Céspedes García- Menocal blessed between believers and nonbelievers.

“Holy Mary, descends upon us … ” he was heard to say . Culminated his words , La Colla continued his day revelry and tradition. Over time the giant bread and it was no longer tired and pipers and dancers returned his steps . The Black Madonna , however , remains somewhat in his hermitage by grandparents , somewhat by ourselves.

The Matanzas´s Colla is characterized by a giant bread that reaches two meters long. PHOTO RADIO26.

From balconies, open doors and sidewalks Matanzas appreciated the event. Radio26 PHOTO

Tradition requires ascend to the top of the chapel. Small traditional costumes encouraged the stretch. RADIO26 PHOTO

The virgin about to be placed in its niche. PHOTO RADIO26.

The bishop of the city of Matanzas, Monsignor Manuel Hilario de Céspedes García-Menocal, bless the virgin right after being placed in the chapel. PHOTO RADIO26.


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