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Sauto Theater: an unfinished story

Gloria Machado León 24 diciembre, 2013

Expectations and longings  hovering over the Sauto theater in the city of Matanzas, based on the restoration process in which it has been immersed for almost  three years . Although few constructive changes to the formidable building facades are still observed , the project is progressing well inside.

In the arena there are attractive elements dating from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that make up the rooms of the future historical-cultural complex , when the National Monument (1978 ) opens its doors to the public , said Leonel Pérez Orozco , historian who heads the Coliseum Cuban classical theaters trilogy .

«Our goal is to make the main theater of Matanzas a benchmark for Cubans and foreign visitors who are in town, which we hope will become one of the biggest attractions in Matanzas city.

» To this end we have set ourselves the task of grouping objects that integrate the halls of this museum theater. We will have two dressing rooms : one dedicated to a studio , where there will be sewing machines , irons, crinolines , sewing and scissors, and another for cosmetic makeup items , all of these objects from the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth .

«We have collected more than eight typewriters ranging from 1890 to 1952. They will also be reflected slaves , who always stood in the area of ​​the pan , with their traditional costumes and objects used constantly . «

The film, radio and television are among the largest showrooms , added also a member of the restoration team of the institution.

» In the theater will be exposed a movie theater , because at some point the Sauto worked as a cinema. There will be dedicated to the media , televisions and radios framed between 1930 and 1954 spaces. We also have turntables and phonographs .

«Since we started collecting discs, phonographic Theatre Collection has grown and today we have almost 500 thousand . The goal is that people who have the old records donate , we digitize , we deliver and we were back to the original format.

 «Music is compiled of all time and artists of national and international stature. These discs will be part of the Documentation Center will work here . «

With the reopening of the Hall of Fame spectators can meet the most renowned artists who have jumped on the stage Sauto . So too will be exposed the names of Cuban and foreign personalities who have visited .

In the attic, on the other hand , the original building elements are found during the restoration. Another object of unmatched value that treasure is a printing Shander Princer 1911, which is in perfect condition .

» The press is an interesting subject that we rescue , for he was among the debris of a building in Middle Street .

«To our surprise , recently co- Provincial Directorate of Sports donated us some of the missing elements : typographic boxes , furniture to place separators and transmission bands .

» The press is fully recovered , this will allow us to ensure at least 50 percent of the impressions of newsletters , invitations , promotional material we need. «

A piano donated by the provincial composer Frank Fernández Music Center is among the best preserved items in the monumental building.

» The piano is a Steinway and Sons of excellent workmanship . I would say that is what we intend to retain more inside the theater. It repairs despite being in very good condition because it is in a box made ​​of wood behind the scenes, with permanent air conditioning. Cleans three times weekly and one day comes a person who knows how to play and it checks to keep it in perfect condition. «

The collection of these objects has been assumed by the workers themselves Sauto who have urged people to join the effort .

The actions taken will not only serve to decorate their areas , but this National Monument become a valuable historical and cultural, unique resort in the country, and facilitate the self-financing of the theater to priorizarle resources for future construction and restoration processes.

Original text by Jessica Mesa Duarte on December 24th, 2013

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