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The performance of the communal services in the year 2013

Gloria Machado León 26 diciembre, 2013

The accomplish of  the investment and maintenance plan at 98 percent is one of the most remarkable achievements of Community Services in the side of the territory in 2013 .

The completion of the bridge Sanchez Figueras and recreation center called Plaza de la Rebellion in Chiquirín in the neighborhood of Versailles , as well as the progress of works of continuity for 2014 , as the Cremator of the city of Matanzas, the Kawama road , peninsula Varadero , and the restoration program in vaults , niches and burial ossuaries province stand out as the most outstanding performances.

In the section on hygiene deficiencies presented in the year ending essentially attributed to the instability with technical and workforce and social indiscipline which, although to a lesser extent , undermine communal activity .

Thus, municipalities that have shown more difficulties for maintenance are Cárdenas , Jovellanos , Colon and Matanzas.

In the case of services is significant obituaries during 2013 stable behavior of funeral homes and cemeteries in regard to the assurances . Although it noted that the problems that transcend the negative order are determined by the supersaturation state pamteones and individuals , which favors the lack of capacity in the necropolis of the province.

Moreover, the micro – zoos require maintenance more focused on satisfying its visitors in terms of variety of species , cultural and culinary offerings to the delight of children and families, something that could not be realized in 2013. However Columbus parks , Cardenas and the provincial capital Watkins highlighted .

Floriculture is one of the most backward areas in the Communal Services of Matanzas , which does not satisfy the demand of the population , because of the instability in the production of flowers.

The soil treatment , securing resources , fertilizers, pesticides and seeds and planting cycles implementation in stages, so that there are flowers all year round , are the elements that have not had sufficient intent to Matanzas have fine flowers, wreaths , pillows and flower bouquets in state .

Although it should be noted that during the month of May Flower Festival was performed with encouraging results, which had the support of the Cuban Association of Craft Artists (ACAA ) and the provincial Department of Culture in the territory. Despite the lack of progress shown by the flower industry in the province Martí , Perico , Jagiiey municipalities and the Arabs are pointers in the activity.

Samuel Gutierrez Prado , provincial director of community services , told 26 that the entity intended for the 2014 progress of all sections comprising communal activity , in order to get higher than results achieved in 2013 .

Original text by Gisselle Escalante Martínez on December 26th, 2013

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