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A year that goes and other one that comes

Gloria Machado León 31 diciembre, 2013

Today is a special day in the world and for Cubans in particular. At 12 : oo at night the doors of time are opened, an old man with a long beard who has lived with us whole twelve months and enter a rosy baby that henceforth governed hopes aupará projects and perhaps make us mourn will go times .

For Cubans begin Year 55 of the Revolution. Will be time to see budgets compliments a better country and to look at that moment , back to see how much we have done , what that balance 1958 and let us put to work in the work of building new dreams and turn them into reality.

Those over 50 years will be seen as leading actors . We have to think what it meant agrarian reform , urban reform , free education and development , we must remember how health for all became possible, the elimination of illiteracy and unemployment, and the woman came out publicly with that strength as more and even children were civic authorities . Appears in the front row culture , sports and full independence.

They also remember what it cost us to defend these gains . How to beat Yankee in Girón and internationalist missions , how they swept the bandits across Cuba and especially in the Escambray and Matanzas , in the drive to address the Special Period and support the peoples of the world Health , Education and other tasks .

The child will enter dreams and bring a finished model for Cuban society and in personal and family face the challenges we face : eliminate corruption , work hard on the production, return to the society we have always been . 2014 tells us everyone Happy Cubans and extend throughout the year.

  Written by Dr. of Historical Sciences Arnaldo Jimenez de la Cal

By Radio26 Redaction on  December 31th, 2013

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