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Forever the Athens of Cuba

Gloria Machado León 31 diciembre, 2013

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Esteban : This theater , considered one of the largest in the nation, he held his first name in honor of the governor of the city , and Pedro Esteban Arranz .

Matanzas has some magic , infinite sweetness as cane sugar mills to grind their . It is the promised land, the materialized beauty and soul of Cuba . It seems that history does not give up and that city is , in its own right , home , light and guidance of Cuban culture .

Rafael del Villar was not wrong that February 17, 1860 when the iconic pseudonym suggested the Athens of Cuba for the city was founded on October 12, 1693 . His proposal was met with enthusiasm and deserved , by others as the work of many local artists and their role in promoting the development of the country in various fields.

Matanzas, land of traditions where the drums beat and the first guaguancó Miguel Faílde composed the first Danzon : Simpson heights , officially premiered on January 1, 1879 .

Protagonist of the opening of Cuba to the world and its modernization, the establishment of significant financial, social and cultural links with the world of economic development that transformed the intelligentsia and gave prosperity to Western Cuba .

Decked out in the presence and work of José María Heredia , Jose Jacinto Milanes, Gabriel de la Concepción ( Placido ) , Bonifacio Byrne, Carilda verses and harmonious melody violin Joseph White.

The Cuban flag , designed by Miguel Teurbe accomplice Toulon and over 160 years of the Cuban revolutionary process, first raised in Cardenas.

Sweet as sugar cane , was a pioneer in innovations that favored the progress of the sugar industry, as the first sugar refinery in Cuba dating back to 1851.

Witness the first baseball game with regulatory requirements , held in Cuba on December 27, 1874 in Palmar de Junco Stadium between teams Havana and Matanzas Base Ball Club Base Ball Club. The century-old facility was declared a National Monument on July 24, 1991 . In his field , located in the neighborhood of Pueblo Nuevo , played important figures in Cuban baseball as Martin Dihigo , Luis Padrón, Gaspar » Curro » Perez, Felix Isasi , Rigoberto Rosillo , Jorge Luis Valdes and Emilio Zuniga , the latter featured in a record average of 559 in the country , currently in effect .

Matanzas is also the best high jumper in the world, Javier Sotomayor. World record indoor and outdoor brands have not been overcome to date. Other major sports are javelin territory Osleydis Menendez young chess Yanira Vigoa .

On April 6, 1863 a theater was opened with the name of Esteban and 36 years later it renamed Sauto , declared a National Monument on October 10, 1978 . Cuban architectural jewel , currently undergoing major repairs , Sauto retains all the features that Daniel Dall’Aglio arranged for your design.

Are erected in the territory ‘s oldest hospital in the country that still serves and the first museum created by the Revolution : José Ramón López Tabrane hospital , and the Palace of Versailles Junco museum in the provincial capital. Also in Matanzas is established for the first time in Cuba as a form of government the people’s government .

This city is adorned for its bridges , bounded by rivers and topped with unique natural beauties in the world as the Valley of Yumurí Bellamar Caves , a pocket bay , in addition to being the deepest of Cuba , is one of the most beautiful in the world .

Matanzas is the symbol of culture, the peak of beauty. Represents nostalgia for those who are no longer to appreciate the majesty of the city that gave us . Matanzas means that you can say : this is the most beautiful land that human eyes have seen and our land.

Original Text by Jessica Mesa Duarte on December 31st, 2013


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