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Mariano García, forty years after the news (+Photos)

Gloria Machado León 26 febrero, 2014

It was just confirmed : Mariano Garcia , the driver of Matanzas news centenary says goodbye journalistic universe. Below we reproduce an interview back when the term ” retirement ” sounded far away, for many know first hand the little man who for decades identified Matanzas television press .

When young journalist begins in Matanzas television may surprise you that the title Mariano Garcia has won of direction and over the years .

– Here comes the whisper television – reaching Matanzas to see Mariano and his team news .

Thus begins the journey.

Over forty consecutive years at the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television after the news , have made ​​this man of medium height and build simple , be recognized and linked to Cuban journalism only from its status as a driver.

He was born July 26, 1939 , date that prides itself on its relationship with the Moncada feat . Fighter was hiding with his brothers and father, and was ready for battle when the events of Playa Girón from the ranks of one of the battalions Matanzas .

Later, in the construction of the new society , he joined the world of the diary in which she worked with renowned media professionals , the photojournalist Guillermo Miró and journalists Manolo Garcia and Nelson Barrera. Of those times when serving as chauffeur and lighting recalls “the news traveled to the capital in a small can , and did not look finished until he came out on national television . That was something , “says the younger bearers of new technologies now .

Repeat yes reborn – as if it could , it says and smiles remain the same driver that was . Journalism has recognized that marked his life . Not be the same without having interacted with cameramen, reporters and photographers who brought him to his worldview .

Understand that your profession, the wheel is also defining . ” What would become of journalism without a good driver? A driver also decided in the news now , but success depends on the performance of the whole team .

“I think over the years you acquire greater notion of what is or may be news. And sorry freshness, but from that time until you can smell . ”

Mariano Garcia has been involved in journalism that is now included within the visual heritage of the province . Project visits and tours of the top leaders of the Revolution , and the claim of the Cuban people for the return to the Homeland of Elián González .

When asked how long continue on the payroll of Matanzas telecentre Yumurí TV , and with the distinction of being the founder of their national correspondent , says, ” until the forces and mind accompanying me to continue. It’s simple, I like what I do and I do it with great responsibility . “

Note: Mariano García assumed retirement after spending many years in the service of Journalism . Now remains active among their grandchildren and children and other deals pending that hold it together in the middle. Oh! and it is important to clarify that he retains his strength and  his mind joins him… !

One of his best poses, with tripod and microphone at the official launch of the draft Local Development Palmar de Junco Stadium. AUTHOR FILE PHOTO.

Next to the car that drove for almost ten years. Some thought their vehicle was modern, only the novelty lay in the care of the driver. AUTHOR FILE PHOTO.

Amid a break beside Alejandro Robaina in the Plaza Américas Convention Center. AUTHOR FILE PHOTO.

The reportorial work was also one of his favorites, he never stayed in the car, preferring to join. AUTHOR FILE PHOTO.

Here, amid media coverage when I confided that Journalism offered him another worldview. AUTHOR FILE PHOTO.

Happy, with colleagues Barbara Vasallo and Raul Davalos. AUTHOR FILE PHOTO.


Original text by Jenny Hernández Suárez on February 26th, 2014




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