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Interior lights from Carlos Tomás

Gloria Machado León 27 febrero, 2014

Interior light (Luz Interior) is the personal exhibition of the artist Carlos Miranda Tomás Suárez , exhibited in the main hall of the Matanzas headquarters of the Cuban Association of Craft Artists.

Twelve pieces demonstrate the art of the craftsman who is capable of achieving the artistic domains apparently from areas outside the cult called art . Experiences of daily life serve as inspiration to give life to myths , animals and ironies .

A figurative  and sweetened vision, based on techniques such as woven, riveted or welded copper are features of this sample, which has the assembly and curation of Miranda itself, along with designs of Enrique Ramos and wellcomes  Adversy Alonso as guest artist , explained Denise Bello, specialist of the Provincial Council of Visual Arts in Matanzas.

Works transiting between two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality bet on the line as the dominant structuring element that favors and turn determines the decor does not rely on the easy or mediocrity .

The pieces, designed as a group, provide a finish where the material leaving a sensitive glimpse simplicity of design ingenuity and intuitive work eludes the preciousness and delicacy in the end is not buffed .

Instead opt for the use of the intrinsic qualities of copper and in turn gives it a sensual beauty that strips him of his status as rustic art.

The candor , spontaneity and delicacy of the work , then come essences related to the subject and creator protagonist always meeting point between art forms and man as a social being.

Original text by Idania Godoy Tápanes on February27th, 2014

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