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Guerrilla women

Gloria Machado León 7 marzo, 2014

At the Second Congress of Socialist Women in 1910 Zetquin Clara opened a social and political space to honor the women of the world. Such date began to be celebrated in Cuba since 1931 .

You can not talk of Cuban women without handholding of history Creole who gave everything for Cuba Libre exposing themselves to danger by his own infinite feminist condition.

In Matanzas, as throughout the country, there are examples that convincingly support the love for Cuba Libre. In this sense, one can not forget Emilia Teurbe Toulon, the first Cuban deported for their political views and which had the privilege of embroidering the prototype of our national emblem .

Another figure that should not go unnoticed is Amparo Orbe, López Coloma ‘s girlfriend , who accompanied him on the deed of Ibarra and became the first mambisa of Cuba in the war 95 .

A figure from Matanzas deserves our respect and admiration is the Captain Maria Hidalgo Santana. He raised since February 1895 , joined the invading forces and remained under the command of Lacret . In the battle of Hato de Jicarita the July 3, 1896 , saw the official bearer fall without thinking twice he raised high the national flag and harangued Cuban troops who advanced impetuously following suit . Since then he was known as heroin or bearer of Jicarita Hato , the most important bout held in Matanzas in the War of Independence. He died in 1956  in Alacranes .


Original text by Dr. Arnaldo Jiménez de la Cal on March 7th, 2014

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