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The Sagebien´s file …is not missing!

Gloria Machado León 26 marzo, 2014

Julia during the reopening of the traveling exhibition Sagebien, father of Matanzas architecture in the city of Matanzas. PHOTO EDITORIAL 26.

Julia Sagebien exceeds her five decades of life, is originally from  Cuba and has been  living in Canada for many years , to the extend that it is almost impossible to discover her Islander accent.

Since the nineties of the last century visit the island as part of their academic research related to what she called » fair trade » , purpose made ​​possible by the support of the Canadian Embassy in Cuba .

He has traveled the country and its origins, but recently her one of the few descendants in the world of the stock of the Sagebien discovered his true story or family heritage in the Cuban archipelago. It was hidden between planes , railways and in the middle of a city known to all as the Athens of Cuba , the place chosen as a residence by his French great great grandfather , even decades later, in Havana, and still does not know why , resume his trunks and undertake the return .

Withdrawal, Julia remains active professionally at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, and also in schools of Puerto Rico . He holds a Ph.D. in Political Economy and has been dedicated to study the connections between large, medium and small businesses and community development.

Only now adds another purpose to your life , try to build bridges between Sagebien several banks to extend the architectural and urban legacy of his great great grandfather , contained in his personnel file with original drawings and correspondence, preserved in France.

Meanwhile, here in Cuba , researchers and historians of the equity universe suggest the importance of not only building bridges , but also recognize the role of the French in the local literature. Well, it corresponds to the architectural seal of the city of Matanzas, authored by renowned properties in the capital and as if that were not enough the implementation of much of colonial Cuba Railroad .

The first of the buildings undertaken by Sagebien in Matanzas. He executed restructuring and termination. It was designed with a single deck, over the years would take the image it has today.

Just Julia Sagebien  was surprised amid all this and wonder who travels a place without knowing what it hides, close ties with members of the non-state Cooperative Sagebien, dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of heritage sites, while with your name pays tribute to the man who has been called «the father of the Matanzas architecture.»

Structure of Santa Isabel, José Ramón López Hospital today Tabranes. The property retains its original function and some of its fundamental architectural elements.

In 1860, after living in Cuba for four decades, including 27 years at Matanzas, July Sagebien heads back and he unknowingly deprived us of why many of his life and work. He was 64 years old nearly Mass Julia to know exactly and clearly the contributions of great great grandfather to the Cuba of the past and the present.

«When he returned it was as if he had laid a chasm between their families, who accompanied her and they stayed here. So in a way you can say that it lost some of his personal and professional history and ties, communication between Sagebien.

«And we were separated, some others here and there. Only one day and elapsed decades, one of my cousins ​​who reside south of the United States put his name in google search engine and pum … instead of yours, mine came, «says Julia.

Julia Sagebien along with Doctor of Arts Alicia Garcia Santana, architect and researcher Ramón Recondo Matanzas, and the architect and president of the Cooperative Sagebien Mayra Arencibia. PHOTO EDITORIAL 26.

Taking up the theme of the documentary French architect and engineer, highlights its sheltered location in France of one of his descendants and comments requesting duplicate to the Island also hosted his great great grandfather enjoyment of all its wealth. «Because they are not lost, but lost their links with Cuba.»

As for the new horizon discovered, said that Latin America is not only magical realism magic, but real. «I feel that I have received as an inheritance unknown, the flow of a homestead which today I feel very committed to disclose and recognize its value.»

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Original text by Jenny Hernández Suárez on March 26th, 2014


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