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Secrets of our our blue planet and a little bit further…(10)

Gloria Machado León 27 marzo, 2014

***IF you used to interact in social networking sites, and you are married , be very careful , because these actions are leading to one out of  five divorces  at least in the U.S., highlights the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers . The association found that 80 percent of marital infidelity tests are signs of interaction in social networks , especially Facebook .

*** And though it may seem, the egg shell is not sealed , allowing air to enter and leave the carbon dioxide. Embryos have no active lungs. But chicks breathe through a membrane called the allantois . Experts explain that this mechanism is part of the adaptations that allow animals to move from the oceans to land . The eggs of fish and amphibians do not have this membrane, but birds and other reptiles .

Know *** also for humans , corals provide abundant fishing resources as well as protection for some low-lying islands and lucrative destinations. About 850 million people live in 100 km of a coral , one third of which depends on it for food and livelihood. If the temperature and acidity of the sea were favorable , coral reefs quickly begin to grow again , but if climate change progresses may never do it again .

And for closing *** them give this sentence Catalan writer Josep Pla , in his book tour bus: True love keeps no dealings with prudence and common sense , estimable qualities.


Original text by Roberto Pérez Betancourt on March 27th, 2014

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