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We will prove that Baseball in Cuba is just… passion

Gloria Machado León 27 marzo, 2014

After hearing the statements Ramón Moré , head coach of the baseball team of Villa Clara , offered to reporters just moments before his team, the National Champion of our main hobby, left to Matanzas to start the final stage of the play off , over and over again I wonder why do they use the words of Fidel in the farewell match to the victims of the terrorist attack on the Cubana Aviation plane?

I find no reason to say that people cry , if the Azucareros are back in the playoffs , derailing from the curse that since 49th Series hunts the National Champions that inthe following season they are not ranked.

Manifest injustice trembles that words are only compared with the cover to the action of those who uprooted the lives of 73 people off the coast of Barbados that people October 6, 1976 .

So I still do not understand why to apply the phrase Fidel to events such as the ratification of the penalty to Freddy Asiel Alvarez the star pitcher of Villa Clara , worth remembering that although the pitcher represents 75 percent of a game , it’s just a game seven to win four to be performed by the computer.

Don´t they take into account the rest of the players from that team who have managed to show his quality in different scenarios? Could it be that after the intention to convey that feeling of worry lurks victims by taking a few games that clearly opposites are in better shape ?

Beyond the numbers that distinguish the Crocodiles of  Victor Mesa, first with 57 victories in a long series that according to specialists only earn the best , until the national press gives Matanzas as the favorite for the title of our discussion ball.

Moré also know that losing to the Matanzas would be at a disadvantage in the standings to make it to the team defeated between Industrial and Pinar del Rio.

What a shame that in our TV reviews are transmitted as out of place as the technical director of Villa Clara , or worse that people with greater ability to interpret the situation allow such events recur as the great action of the day.

If more than one occasion been called to enjoy ball games with discipline and respect , it is also a time to eliminate these media ideas victimize some and demonize others only generate unpleasant controversy about what should be a national holiday.

It was time for the truth, for making a fresh start , to prove on the field that  baseball in Cuba is just passion.


Original text by Ana González Goicochea on March 27th, 2014

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