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Matanzas will be the puppet world capital in April

Gloria Machado León 28 marzo, 2014

Two events of great impact at international level in the scenic area will be developed in the province of Matanzas during the month of April, when the meeting of the World Commission of the International Union of the Marionette ( UNIMA ) , take place in the Plaza America Convention Center fromVaradero , and the 11th International Puppet Theatre Workshop in Matanzas city.

The meeting of the UNIMA will take place  first in the American continent  between April 21st and 24th, to address issues related to the organization , the integrity of the work and interests of the puppeteers .

The working sessions will include shows in which participants will learn the cultural traditions of the Athens of Cuba . Finished these , guests will participate in shows and theoretical events that coincide in the city as part of the international event .

For its part , the International Puppet Workshop , with 20 years of experience under the able leadership of René Fernández Santana and Papalote theater group , will host 21 groups with 22 Entertainment, who represent 14 countries , including Germany , Czech Republic , Brazil, Ecuador and Spain .

On the Cuban side the invited group of honor will be Guiñol Guantanamo , accompanied by the National Puppet Theatre , Teatro La Proa , Theatre on the road, Retablos from Cienfuegos and the company Hilos Magicos , among others, will join the locals: Estaciones, Papalote and El Miron Cubano to provide an overview of its impact on the development of puppet theater in the country.

Among the performing varieties that the public can enjoy between 19 and April 27 will be miniature puppets , puppet shows, street rod , box and paper .

Also included in the program, theoretical in the main hall of the Palace of Government event with lectures, lively discussions , audiovisual presentations and books and tributes to the most important Latin American puppeteers.

They will also be inaugurated eight questions regarding the world of puppet in galleries and spaces in the city such as the Pharmaceutical Museum and Palacio de Junco exhibitions, Gener y Del Monte library and La libertad Park , which extend to the People’s Councils , the cultural center of Union de Reyes and Cardenas theater.

The criteria for selection of the 130 stage performances on the agenda was mainly due to the availability of existing rooms in the city, which today , on the threshold of most important cultural event of the year in terms of art tables , even are in the process of remodeling or restoration.

The meeting and the 11th UNIMA . International Puppet Theatre Workshop , no doubt , they will become space for cultural exchange between the puppeteers of the world. However, it is necessary that both managers who have offered no support to the request , as the executors of the preparations, concienticen the importance of conducting these events in Matanzas , as this will be the scenario in which we will open , retablos to not only our world, but also a huge window that offer traditions, customs , ideologies and everything that characterizes us as Cubans.

In future spaces offer information on how to advance the constructive work of the theaters in the province and details about major performances that will make Matanzas the puppet world capital during the month of April.


Original text by Jessica Mesa Duarte on March 28th, 2014

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