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The unconformity of Matanzas

Gloria Machado León 31 marzo, 2014

The economic position that years ago took the group to efficiently fulfill  their objects ,became the Business Unit Base ( UEB ) Various Productions  and Charts into the first entity local subordination in Matanzas that entered into the  Business Improvement System (SPE ) .

Factors such as lack of resources, among others , prevent a larger number of centers in the country that classification can implement the top model of business management , which actually has managed to overcome known as DEMOS in Matanzas commercial world .

However, if this group of industrial and artisanal Gardis was the first , should have at least one other , a second company of the 36 Council of Provincial Administration (CAP ) which had already risen to such an important step , but it is not.

According to Judith Salcedo González , the incorporation process has been slow, » because the structures of companies locally subordinated were structures that were not allowed to enter the SPE , because the companies were formed by state economic organizations , and Decree 281 about what I expected SPE are companies formed by UEB .

» So first we had to change the structures of these companies and accounts, and then begin the process , as happened , for example, transport and food. Anyway some delinquency has been, what the lack of interest in some places , to the detriment of the importance of joining the SPE , the health of the national economy » is added .

Lazaro Rodriguez Forte , president of the Matanzas provincial branch of the National Association of Economists of Cuba ( ANEC) , is convinced that » SPE companies are best placed to assume productive , export and import substitution commitments , just what Cuba needs »

In contrast , also says the president of the Economic Affairs Committee of the Provincial Assembly of People’s Power , a large number of companies fail to certify the accounts , and then deny the efficiency and therefore do not initiate steps SPE.

Either way it is promising that the approval process for record companies Unimoda Apparel Textiles , Southern Building and Provincial Housing Guanima are .

According Salcedo González , another phase of the process works a second group , composed of Legal Counsel , Community Architects , Northern Construction, Transportation, ADECOR , LAMAS AND TRANSGARDIS , the latter three of Gardis , a group in the province is located in advanced , due to the organizational and structural strength that counts .

It is noteworthy that none of the provincial units of Commerce business group , Food and Services has managed to enter the SPE and other entities with potential to do so , denying the benefits it provides to the quality of life of their own territory and workers.

If anyone doubts this , you ask Ana Isabel Ruiz Barrios , general director of DEMOS . » Since it was approved the record in June 2012 , workers began to see the practical advantages of a system that guarantees them higher salaries , raises the quality and quantity of our social order, with sustained growth in production and sales, balances for us unquestionable. »

However , reasons for these revenues materialize, should be monitored rather than rearrangement involving not be in this step fails, make optimal use of the organization which is to be perfected and know how to use the autonomy as entrepreneurs we are legally granted to pursue continuous improvement.

According to Ruiz Barrios, the Cuban economy could be managed better from the SPE , only that «what is written in the Law Decree 281 have to keep perfecting it every day , you can not only be achieved in the time of approval , something we try to materialize in DEMOS , with perennials improvements in their buildings , workshops, in each position for men and women who play here . »

The example of DEMOS is served . Such advantages, the SPE adjusted to the conditions of updating the Cuban economic model requires that all firms which can enter it end up dressing in this sort of costume , as is known , it should be just in measurement. Only then will the province of Matanzas say is displeased.


Original text by Juanita Perdomo on March 31st, 2014

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