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The Sala White of the future (+Photos)

Gloria Machado León 1 abril, 2014

One of the previous hall of the White Saloon where the sense of depth that you want to give to the property, such as the image of yesteryear is appreciated. COURTESY PHOTO GROUP ATENART.

During my journalistic adventures in the City of the Bridges I conducted a poll on José White Concert Hall , for Matanzas simply known as Sala White. And what worried me most of the time , as media professional and faithful lover of the history of my small city , were not exactly nostalgic criteria of respondents by their absence from the Matanzas cultural landscape for more than a decade , but total ignorance of its existence among the most recent generations.

Conversing with everyone in my path , just a few meters from the headquarters of the recognized institution , where for the first time officially interpreted Danzon , the national dance of Cuban people, today declared Cultural Patrimony of the Nation.

Passing through La Libertad Park , young people increasingly gave their lunge : unaware of what I was asking and lost after the attempt , grateful for the attention and continued road , with people aged 40 years and over who exposed their criteria.

It turns out that over time, as would the grandparents, unforgiving and after the passing of the years and with its disappearance from the media, the programming of the city and the lives of the artists who came later, and unwittingly unaware of his presence, glory and significance to the national culture.

Also confess , that on another occasion during my work agreed to the property , in the middle of this one of his speeches , the last , perhaps the most successful of all . From that visit I took the unwelcome taste of not knowing the White Room . The construction work then and the changes therein placed me away than the local evoked old , bright, and spacious openings to not imagine immense.

So today I talk with visual artist and restorer Sergio Roque, ATENART by the group and thus its restoration and decoration . After the meeting I started to see what I call the White Room of the future and believe that the project, which also has the responsibility of architect and researcher Ramón Recondo has seduced me from its functionality as a concert space of this century and from his good taste.

Enjoy music in the XXI century

The brigade ATENART restoration has to his credit with the work of renovation and preservation of the Pharmaceutical Museum of Matanzas, estimated at as the only original and complete French apothecary in the world today. At that time his works reached the National Conservation Award 2008.

After several attempts in the Sala White , Sergio and its members since 2012 put knowledge and passion to achieve design excellence and originality maintain maximum elements of a property as an institution that was founded in 1860 , elsewhere neocolonial of Matanzas, in the alley of San Severino .

In that original place under the name of Artistic and Literary Liceo , the city was declared as the Athens of Cuba , a nickname that has endured over time and identifies this side of the world.

Interest is now rescued after more than a decade in oblivion, to Sala White , and at its headquarters in Street Contreras.

” We must start from the idea that it is a place that comes to life under the new needs of the contemporary, which are very different from those of the nineteenth century , as for the company itself and its sound environment ,” says Roque.

” Added to this is that today neither found certain materials that match your age or architecture do not exist, and instead replace them with other modern and in turn adapt to so needy . ”

Regarding its future prospects , says that the design of the mechanism of climate as requiring soundproofing enjoyed the lounge for the performance of musical groups , are the elements that have marked the changes made therein , those who have given to talk and redial nostalgia among those who still can evoke .

Here is where they show part of the photo gallery of the city. COURTESY PHOTO GROUP ATENART.

The current process has allowed rescue know , this narrows plastic artist with soul restorer , who repeatedly Street building hosted Contreras answered transformations which styles and eras. Stresses the site of the arcades , arches were then elliptical first.

Despite his years of absence, the Board is still the official home of the Symphony Orchestra of Matanzas, and after that end its design is intended to ensure , from the technical point of view , the ideal conditions to enjoy art .

Today´s Transformations

” The first intervention was to close the space needed for the concert hall . By positioning the wall for sound insulation and put the scheme for air conditioning , space totally changed , “adds Lourdes Fernández , wife of Roque and former member of Matanzas Symphony .

” However, most people never realize that closing unison , also delved into the background , to other local , ie space is won . ”

Just like that should be the inside of the concert hall, from the technical requirements for sound insulation and inserting climate. COURTESY PHOTO GROUP ATENART

Regarding the acoustic study, three proposals were originally presented under the concept of different musical formats. In the end it was decided by the version of a symphony orchestra that performs a choral work with piano and choir.

“Really in the musical literature that scheme is not the most common, usually are pieces with symphony orchestras and soloists” contrasts Lourdes and later notes that the selected acoustic model supports the presence of more than 70 musicians, choir and piano , and close to two hundred spectators public.


They point out that will be seats for about two hundred spectators. COURTESY PHOTO GROUP ATENART.

The scene finally left with three levels, says Roque, conducted under the professional requirements and also compliance with the rules set between the place of an interpreter and another.

A defined purpose for the concert hall space, profanity wanted to win to give the Sala White of the future of the air of old. So after previous shows and as part of all the entrances to the chamber concert, contains a wall holding a fresh, lined with mirrors to convey that vision of immensity.

Hall .In this space, simplicity and good taste are intermingled. COURTESY PHOTO GROUP ATENART.

At the same time, members have worked to rescue ATENART most of the possible building blocks, to get some plaster samples and retain others. At that point, whether new invoice elements respond to the original set. Among these point pilasters, curtain rods and the majestic lamp, stress, will be back there, but with the addition of another set of lights.

Other facilities of the contemporary times

From another angle, the model shows the interest in preserving the decorative elements of the room. COURTESY PHOTO GROUP ATENART.

The Sala White will also feature a walk-in audio, as in previous decades and under all its splendor, radio professionals in Matanzas went there to document numerous music programs, which were then archived.

The new addition would eliminate this step. Roque also adds the insertion of a recording studio, which materialize would be the first in the province, which could be done post work and contribute significantly to promoting Cuban music from one of his lesser-looks, concert .

The seat has a Stenway piano, donated specifically for her by the musician and composer Frank Fernandez, now preserved with rigorous care in Sauto Theatre.

The courtyard of the White Room, the background music writing Danzon Las Alturas de Simpson, a bronze relief and perceived. COURTESY PHOTO GROUP ATENART.

It will include a reception , photo galleries of the city in one of its annexes local cafe and room for food processing. Meanwhile, inside native ceramic mural forty-five square meters, a reflecting pool and the score of  Las Alturas de Simpson Danzon , a relief on the wall and will be placed in bronze .

And most particularly Sergio Roque meant belongings musician José White, donated in his will for his city , which will be exhibited at the cultural institution .

Is this the Sala White of the future, some did not want to see , trying to evoke the nostalgia of its splendor , trying perhaps to maintain the uniqueness and essence of architectural spaces that have been with us from his majesty and beauty.

An idea that is justified by a concept at all taboo , such as the value that identity , classic and authentic generated for specialized tourism in the city and heritage . But there is a reality , Matanzas had to decide between rebuilding a White Chamber of the past or think about it from a vision . I think its completion will give us the final word.


Original text by enny Hernández Suárez on April 1st, 2014






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