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Connectivity is slow, but we shall overcome

Gloria Machado León 5 mayo, 2014

I like to feel the beating of my town , my people , my country and my Revolution in the different platforms that offer social media and my personal blog, but that’s nearly impossible given the slow speed of connectivity. I have been  trying several days  to get on facebook, twitter and my own blog and the results have been zero .

I would refute that group of people who daily bombard social media with lies about Cuba , many of which are not credible by even the most recalcitrant enemies of our revolutionary process .

On the other hand I would like to say all the truths I see in my walk through the streets and fields of this green alligator. Speaking of children , liberties , unaware of how child prostitution , the education system , with all default and ensures education to children, adolescents , youth and adults , including the elderly .

Talking Circles Grandparents , Educate Your Child program , health and many other benefits . But what precludes me slow connectivity . Many Cubans say we take all the blame to the blockade , imperialism and we do not see our own shortcomings , they are right , but until that problem is due to the blockade .

I wonder how many countries I would be able to endure harassment for so many years we have been subjected to the Cubans. From this and many other things like to talk , dissemination and sharing , but the slow connectivity does not. But we continue to resist and overcome.


Original text by Enrique Tirse Hernández on May 5th, 2014

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