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… puppet theater unites peoples

Gloria Machado León 6 mayo, 2014

The International Puppet Workshop in Matanzas has been supporting for many years the creative mark of the puppeteer, producer and film director Jim Henson , who left an essential technique to animate the puppets on television legacy.

During the last day of the event the American puppeteer Berenthal Saul , a member of the International Union of Puppetry , talked to 26 about the proposal that brought the country to raise awareness of the work of master Jim Henson, creator of the known Mopets babys.

” The animated shorts are performed annually in the United States and taken to different countries to see how the puppets are being developed in this region. This presentation was made this year in my country and Mrs. Heather Henson (daughter of Jim Henson) asked us to tell the Cubans who were brought to Cuba especially for this meeting and for the Cuban people . “

Berenthal said he was satisfied with the results of the deliberations of the committee meeting of the UNIMA and the public reception of Matanzas .

“It’s been very interesting , very constructive. We have shown a part of Cuban culture that is still little known in the world, but is very grateful for all the power we have come to share with you.

“From the point of view of the puppet , all matters related to art and education happily give rise to much between the two nations today .

” Trade problems still exist by the existence of the embargo , but usually anything that has to do with the culture is completely open to us and is shared between the two countries. “

Also specify how it influences this kind of cultural exchange in the favorable development of relations between Cuba and the United States , because in his opinion, ” this is one of the best ways to strengthen ties . Puppet theater unites people .

” I am dedicated to organizing groups who come to Cuba to participate in cultural events and has been seen in the United States , including President Barack Obama, the best way to strengthen ties between countries is a people to people level , people are people and we’re trying to do today. “


Original text by Jessica Mesa Duarte on May 6th, 2014

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