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Boca de Camarioca, a town on the shore of the sea

Gloria Machado León 9 julio, 2014
 It is precisely this town, which is located along the Via Blanca and is the most likely path for vehicles traveling from Havana to Varadero, in its hurry walking of goods or mostly foreign visitors . In addition to its strategic position, the sea seems to be a privilege  with a singular beauty, in harmonious contrast between that ancient people who came from it and the modern constructions that today renew it.

View of “Las Cabañas”, a small village for resting

Boca Bridge is a lifetime member for this population, although seemingly small, is expanding so rapidly. Construction began before the revolution of January 1959, and this was after they finished the work. Previously there was a wooden one in poor condition, and which could only move one person, according to some of the oldest inhabitants of the area.
Among the key economic sectors in which most of its residents work are tourism and fishing. So with the self-employed activities, which have increased considerably; mainly palates and room rental.
While the quality of life of the inhabitants is high, due to the proximity to the largest tourist destination in Cuba; in terms of urban development does not happen the same.

“Los Pinos” neighborhood

Despite the difficulties, its beauty is able to captivate visitors and offer them an atmosphere of tranquility.

The name of this town is related to Camarioca River, which originates in the town of that name and die in the bay of Boca, to meet the sea.

It is this place a beautiful beach that the sea molded at will, offering moments of calm and deep peace, but also moments of raging waves. Boca is more than just browsing pilgrim traveler from the road; is a place of incredible contrasts: for a perfect beach is just the beginning.


Author: Lianne Gil Herrera, a journalism student









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