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That Maradona I love

Gloria Machado León 9 julio, 2014

I’m not a passionate and amateur football fan, however  my son, he really is . He likes the baseball as well as the  football. Maybe that was the furore that infected me and for years, since the 2002 World Cup, I seat next to him, when I get the time for that, and we enjoy the game together.

I was always pro Maradona, although I started watching football more often when the Argentinean´s sports career had lived its time of glory. But from the beginning I was attracted to see that petite little person, with a black mane, that used to run like a hare, without letting the ball away, till being located in the exact spot to let him cast the field into the goal.

Undoubtedly, it was also the legend that accompanies fame, especially athletes and artists. (Although Maradona alone is all a legend from their games in La Bombonera Buenos Aires.) Yes, the Legend also played along in my preference for him. And although I liked the simple style of the French Zinedine Zidane (Zizou), always ended highlighting Diego.

I remember every one of his trips to Cuba, with one of his little daughters, just months. And every one of those pictures is attached figure of Fidel, the friendship between the two. Then I liked more. That admiration for the Cuban leader Maradona fueled my sense of belonging and to extending my affections. Maradona then became, in my mind, a bit of Cuba as well.

I recognize that there have been tremendous players like Pelé Brazilian, who have failed will meet the goals, the German Franz Beckenbauer, the very “Zizou” and even the Argentinean Lio Messi, only winning four gold balls in football history . But I’m making an aside to Diego Armando Maradona.

I have a colleague who asked Maradona on Highway Varadero where was the golf course and only realized who he was when the Argentine star had already pulled his car on the way to your destination.How I envied you! Wasted, because even outside the firm as reliable evidence that he had ever spoken to Maradona.

That love for the golden boy is accentuated whenever you hear about Cuba and Fidel. As far Zurda program at Dehe is left-handed, like his countryman Messi leading him and the Uruguayan journalist and broadcaster Victor Hugo Morales and running every night for the Telesur channel.

It is true that sometimes‘ Goes hand , but I am one who would rather spend a short stay, so do not bother me I like the ease, freshness and simplicity with which it is expressed.

When I see him share with viewers Fidel things to tell him, when I see two clocks using our Commanderalso used two clocks sometimewhen I see him humming with Carlos Puebla: the fun is over, came the Commander and commanded stop, makes me laugh and feel a great pleasure.

And by an association of thoughts, I immediately Che and many things unite Cuba and Argentina. I remembered that years ago, at the exit of a theater in Buenos Aires, after a performance of the National Ballet of Cuba, a man advanced in years came to one of the dancers our asking him, as they had once we given to Che, Fidel us we paid him. The story is shocking, needless to say that the Cuban dancer was speechless.

The truth is that Maradona praises my Cuban, what we call identity, patriotism, love of the land where you were born and have lived ever naming the Cuban Revolution and its leader, every time you call him Master. It is in those moments when I look at my son and say, laughing: That I love … Maradona!

Original text by Maritza Tejera García on July 9th, 2014

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