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Another first in Matanzas

Gloria Machado León 23 julio, 2014

On January the 1st, 1959 Batista dictatorship fell and Fidel convened the revolutionary general strike to consolidate the victory. The Cuban people obeyed the call from East to West and the nation was completely shut down until the revolutionary victory was assured. That is, in our view, the biggest vote that has been held in Cuba in its republican history, the people united in a single party and a single candidate: The Revolution.

Once in power, in mid-1959, several surveys sponsored by the Bohemia magazine and the Catholic University of Villanueva (anything related to socialism institutions), in which the majority of the population voted against the elections were made.

The electoral model that knew Cuba was the criminal and grotesque mask of representative democracy. It was what one believed and where money was the key play of the politicking. The Orthodox Party of Eduardo Chibás had a populist roots with its slogan of “Shame against money” and “broom” to delete all the vices and evils of the Republic. That, and it was well known, is that the Yankees auparon by Batista coup of March 10, 1952.

All this included Fidel and revolutionary leadership. On April 9, 1959, in commemoration of the general strike, Fidel said about elections and stated flatly: “(…) We want elections completely different from the former ones …”

The Revolution was groping solutions to this problem. First, the MR-26-7 three persons appointed citizen absolute cleanliness, were the commissioners who had worked in the free territories in the east of the country; Suddenly, the three stayed the one who gave way to the PCB, Implementation and Inspection (JUCEI), organized in early 1961 and finally between 1966 and 1967, the Local Authority was created. None met the model was sought.

In 1970 he began a process of restructuring General’s Office. Were conceptualized and led major steps as a new administrative division, the creation of the identity card, the preparation of the First Party Congress and the creation of People’s Power.

It was agreed that between 1974 and 1975 was carried out experimentally in Matanzas creation of People’s Power. Also organized a referendum to vote on a new constitution. Matanzas was chosen for its proximity to Havana, its good communications ypor will have a cultured and educated population and very revolutionary.

The experiment began by creating a study of the population living in the territories, their strengths and weaknesses and its potential. It was Cardenas who first concluded this investigation. After the constituencies, the nomination of candidates for delegates constituencies, the organization of schools and the development of propaganda to explain to the people, the system, the manner of election and the differences with the past were created.

After a complex process was established in the Sauto Theater (MN) the Provincial Assembly of People’s Power president José Arañaburo forward. On July 26th of that year, in a single act of mass ephemeris, Fidel provided the composition of the assembly.


Original text by Dr. Arnaldo Jiménez de la Cal on July23rd, 2014

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