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Summer and alcohol, a mixture that does not bind

Gloria Machado León 23 julio, 2014

Always with the arrival of summer air is renewed in cities and an intense state of fun falls on them. With this we  forget the stress we have felt for almost ten months caused by school or work, to embark on what we can describe as a lightning campaign to recreation. These companies both personal and collective aim, in large cases to fully enjoy a stay in a camping, visit or trip to the beach. However, although there is nothing wrong with healthy recreation we must act prudently in each case and avoid giving way to  foolishness.

Cubans found naturally nice dip in the puddle all close to home. It is that the persistent scourge of the heat who do not agree  to take a walk along the beach or a river to cool?And by the way  body is getting away from the steam caused by the sun some poeple decide to include some alcohol to the session. Thus they turn what could be a pleasant afternoon in a dangerous activity because of such component.

Young, as are most daring, often do not see the risk by combining this element in our festivals or recreational spaces. Perhaps in a stubborn effort to be viewed as infallible beings people forget that and good luck, accidents can you touch anyone.

For example, on resorts alcohol consumption is becoming a common practice on the part of the population, despite warnings from authorities knowledgeable in these matters. In the shadow first and then on the beach or river people drink alcohol without remembering how bad it is in the aquatic environment ingesting these beverages for human health. In case of the commonly known cramps, storm waves or individuals under its effects could not react as quickly to stand safe which would cause an unfortunate accident.

Adolescents and youth in the imprudence of age, with games and intense wave increases the chances of exhaustion, which could place them at certain depths in a risk or drowning.

As for what would only waterways endangering life, driving the ingestion of alcohol is negligence of drivers. On the road accidents can be fatal, as the action of one person leads to several lives lost as occurs frequently.

There are those who today still say that after a few drinks are the best handling, however repeated investigations have proved the absurdity of this approach for the senses do not work well under the influence of alcohol. When we drink costs us to react quickly to different situations so the wheel we become a danger on wheels.

Speaking of indexes or statistics alone would distress the scary and suspicious would have to close this page, so reflection is the only alarm I intend to do through this text. There are many ways to liven up our moments without having to include the alcohol seems more tempting option, you simply do this is inexcusable.

The follies are common in people and more young people but have no justification. The euphoria that dominates in these months off can not disregard civic obligations we have, so the fun can not be an excuse to get away for good behavior. It is true we are in summer the only stage in the year that we forget the school and work to take a relaxing duties, so why make a moment of pleasure in an unfortunate situation, we are cautious in our actions to enjoy more from this period .

Giselle Rodríguez Martínez, a journalism student

Original text by Radio26 Redaction on July 23rd, 2014

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