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The delagates that do not get together

Gloria Machado León 1 agosto, 2014

The very day on which the Provincial Assembly of People’s Power (APPP) got together in Matanzas to commemorate the 40th anniversary of its first constitution, July 21st, 1974, delegates discussed the results of the Third Process of Accountability to Voters, an event that usually happens without pain or glory in Cuban society.

The momentous democratic act is lost in the complex daily life of a country which states that the life of their neighborhoods without many mishaps happen, something that sounds strange, very strange, in light of these times, where any “detail” breaks the stillness of communities.

What is accountability? Question seems absurd in a territory that four decades ago served as headquarters to the experience two years later extended to the Isle Local Organs of People’s Power.

Accountability is the action that should be performed every six months the district delegates to explain to their constituents what was done in that period, both his work as a community representative, member of the People’s Council, the Municipal People’s Assembly and its working committees.

That is the duty that gives the Cuban Electoral Act and not always well met, so much so that the APPP unresolved issue recognized as the preparation of these representatives of constituencies.

Every two and a half years elections are held, means that a percentage of these delegates cease or continue in their roles.

Data from the previous processes relate that 50 percent are renewed, which is incorporated into the training system to new arrivals.

However, without underestimating the necessary preparation that addresses municipal assemblies are called to submit to their members, one thing is certain, each constituency will choose the delegate. That the fate of themselves and the whole community is decided.

No wonder every process is preceded by the call to choose the best and most capable, and although both repeat and not lend ears to wise counsel, the fact remains that sometimes chooses either to get by, or because competent and do not want to have to catch who are left, and the consequences are paid laments “my delegate is not good, my delegate does not solve.”

And if so, if in the act of choosing it is possible to nominate that can adequately represent them, then, each district will have to delegate it deserves, the man and woman who can exercise governance in accountabilities, where are the neighbors gathered in assembly who should decide what is or is not the neighborhood.

If this essential democratic exercise is wasted, not solve compulsa things to the popular competition, it is likely that you now suffer the consequences of a dump in the corner of your block, you torment the hump, not water arrives or is delayed oil the basket.

And where that happens, you just lack a delegate sufficient authority to try the demarcation work without many setbacks; but where that happens, remember that you’re part of the problem, the person you chose, but can also be part of the solution.

Wherever a delegate does not fulfill its obligations, may be revoked by those who elected him. I myself am unhappy even knew when the accounting of my constituency was, neither knew my neighbors. Has there been accountability? Where and when the delegate takes their offices?

We do not know, although the gap is facing a newly finished house, dirtying their new doors, removing market value at the Milanese street. Where is my delegate, I wonder while the street lights are turned off and the horn of a truck disrupts sleep.

Again I ask the same, while in my ears runs another story of a woman who does not let any approach remain unanswered, the one responsible for the normal life of his constituents, a lady who nobody calls Odalis delegated because he lost his name, now they say, “the delegate”.

And those are realities that animate versus other leading delegates to think there is unaccountable.

Photo taken from TV Yumurí


Original text by Juanita Perdomo Larezada on Agust 1st, 2014

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