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A new book about Milanes will be soon published

Gloria Machado León 5 agosto, 2014

As part of the celebrations for the bicentenary of the birth of poet and playwright Jose Jacinto Milanes, the Matanzas publishing company will present soon the  volume: Milanés, las cuerdas de oro, (Milanes, the gold strings ) from  the researcher Urbano Martínez Carmenate.

The text has as a reference a  author´s biography, published at the end of the 80s. This time Carmenate Martínez   stresses that this is not a second edition, but another book to take on a new structure, language, historical analysis and synthesis .

“That one , the initial one, at the distance of three decades, aged as for descriptions and notes that are unnecessary today. I wanted to honor him as he deserves, with a more mature biography that contains both a series of stylistic issues that eventually I gained as a writer, “he said.

Before the question of whether it meets the gaps about her figure, commented that she supports his theory defended from the 80 on crazy product to a group of factors and not just because of his romantic disappointments, again even stresses now exposed more consistently.

He noted that a purpose of the Bicentennial of the author of La Fuga de la Tórtola y De codos en el puente, was found inprinting process other two of his texts: Álbum de Milanés and Milanés, papelería dispersa.

The first, under the seal of Letras Cubanas publications company, brings his best known creations and a number of compositions dedicated to him by such figures as Plácido, Luisa Perez de Zambrana and Virgilio Piñera. It also includes a valuable photographic background on Matanzas bard work and essays on his work, typical of nineteenth-century publications, hence its value for teachers and students.

With the second one, by Letras Cubanas and Union publications company, he put together poems and compiled documents for about 30 years , which are not inserted in his Complete Works.

Urban Carmenate Martinez, Bachelor of Spanish Language and Literature, has investigated during his career personalities like Jose Jacinto Milanes, Bonifacio Byrne, Domingo del Monte, Nicholas Heredia, García Lorca and Carilda Oliver Labra. Today he  is immersed in a new volume dedicated to  Alejo Carpentier.


Original text by Jenny Hernández Suárez on Agust 5th, 2014

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