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In August young people in the ways of dance

Gloria Machado León 6 agosto, 2014

Lilian Padrón, director of Dance Espiral Company

The summer workshop that offers the  Danza Espiral Company since last July 18th and runs through Aug. 16th, aims to encourage learning and interest of young people in this art.

Lilian Padrón, director of the contemporary dance group of Matanzas, said that during the meetings participants acquire notions about different genres and trends of this event, including ballet, modern, contemporary, folk and popular Cuban dances.

She also noted the objectives of the workshop. ” We  have always focused the workshop as an option in the summer for youngsters. The beach and nights outings are not the only proposals for the enjoyment of the boys during the months of leisure.

“It gives the opportunity to train, learn to dance. I do think it’s great that they, not only from the individual point of view, but also collective, make new friends, relate to other people who have other views about dance.

  “We are very happy that half of the children participating in the workshop are students of ballet and dance from the Art School or, as in the case of Caesar, we begin her senior year at the average level of career Camagüey ballet.

“Although we have set a workshop for young people, we would have liked to attend people of all ages, but essentially all the participants are teenagers and young people. I think it’s important that young people otherwise use free time also. “

The youth workshop will conclude with the interpretation of Simple things, a piece that integrates the repertoire of Matanzas dance company since 2009, created following the death of the German dancer and choreographer Pina Baoch.

“In this case we insert the assessment of these young people in our repertoire through their interpretation of our own works . In the past we have also developed this experience because at the end of the workshop they provide a presentation.

“This time we decided to stage a play of the repertoire of our company Spiral Dance and also dedicate it to two important figures in contemporary dance worldwide that are Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham, that precede Pina Bausch, not only in time but in the very development that took dance from this figure.

“Given the techniques we use, the importance of this event is that they not only learn to move, but they are instructed in the appreciation of the language and codes of dance by translating body movements.”

The presentation will take place on August 13, dedicated to the 88th birthday of our historical leader Fidel Castro, but the piece will resume on 16 and closing of the workshop, organized purposely veiled in town for the bicentennial of the birth of poet José Jacinto Milanes, Padrón said.

“I think it’s valid to bring the work of Milanes to our time because, although it should be the most famous poet in his city, many of these young people do not know him. So we decided that, after the presentation of the 13th, we will conclude the workshop on the 16th, when the show dedicated to the bard from Matanzas performed. “

Danza Espiral for several years has been developing these workshops in the summer to continue promoting the taste for this art and giving the opportunity for dance lovers to learn about contemporary art movement.


Original text by Jessica Mesa Duarte on Agust 6th, 2014

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