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The affiliate meeting is not a less important assembly

Gloria Machado León 6 agosto, 2014

About six months after the XX Congress of the CTC (February 2014) re-emphasized the strategic importance of the General Assembly of participants as the main space for collective discussion in the workplace, its four cardinal points have not been yet materialized completely.

Being valid these words that I wrote some time ago: Not all of them are done and is not possible either to get the optimal control , monitoring, solution or answer to the proposals as it is not achieved either the necessary participation of union and management leaders at various levels . And worse, failure quality as its fourth highest goal.

In fairness it must be assumed that at this stage there has been improved performance in assisting you in the same period last year, according to reports from the Provincial Committee of the Confederation of Workers of Cuba (CTC) in Matanzas, however, if there is one aspect that continues weak is the active participation of members.

Formality is still signing these spaces ,Freyly Rodriguez recently commented that  my acute neighbor, who says he’s always the one who express his opinions in his assembly , those issues are raised and people do not talk as if there were no problems, when that it’s just what fills their collective work.

But worse, I said, is that after the “assembly” that did not occur in their real place is moved to the office or the hall, right where nothing is resolved, and not without reason, that such meetings should promote debate on topics related to the core mission of collective labor and assurances that their makers possess safety and health guarantee.

However, this ideal state is far from being achieved in schools, especially in places where neither the administration did what it touch him nor the union is demanding enough because so.

It happens that administrative leaders concoct unintelligible economic reports that impede understanding and further intervention, with data that clearly show how much is in compliance with the plan, revenue, cost per weight, energy consumption indicators or a vital aspect as payment systems.

If these issues are not sufficiently explained, the men and women of the entities will not know how to solve efficiently any Crippling pitfall of creating goods and services.

It has often been stressed by the top leadership of the CTC in Matanzas in the preparation of the assemblies in the necessary link with the Governing Board, in reviewing the reports with time, it can ensure good performance.

Negative question, I would say very damaging lies in management approaches. Here is the critical path to meet. If the reviewer is not supported people with immediate follow-up and timely responses, credibility and confidence in the Assemblies of Affiliates will miss something that does not suit you or the administration or the union.

It would be foolish to ignore: if efficient is the assembly of members, it will be also the workplace, an analogy that the country deserves to update well, all and all, its economic model.

To achieve what it is said before, it  must be addressed, among others, the participation of senior union leaders and structures, still unaware of how administrative leaders could bring to life the collective optimization of these quotes.

In Matanzas, centers of Petroleum, Tourism, Education, Culture and Sciences endorse you wherever you go well these vital areas, efficiency is indisputable guarantee. Deny its impact would also deny state attempts to update the Cuban economic model.


Original text Juanita Perdomo Larezada on August 6th, 2014

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