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The first Soviet ship that visited our country

Gloria Machado León 6 agosto, 2014

Julio Antonio Mella, who directs the activities of reception he decided to visit the ship. There, he was received by Captain Ivan Culaggi on August 6th and spent several hours on board

In August 1925 arrived first in Cardenas port, and in the Matanzas port later, the first ship that carried high in the mast the waving flag of the country where the first socialist revolution in the world triumphed.

Reigned in Cuba the Machado dictatorship, who ordered the ship out to the first city mentioned, a port with little significance at the time, in order to isolate the Cuban population.

The Vatslav Voroski arrived in Cardenas early in August 1925.  A columnist of  El Imparcial a newspaper from Matanzas greeted with an article on the front page and headline. «Welcome Wazlay Worosky” the ship’s arrival. From Camagüey land the Third National Workers Congress protesting the insulation to the boat and in the capital, the Communist group in Havana called to develop welcome activities.

Julio Antonio Mella, who directed the activities of reception, we decided to visit the ship. To that end he traveled to Cardenas and contacted the leaders of the Labour Centre, which were presented to Longino Perera (Leo), who was supplying potable water to ships in his boat known as “Los 8 Hermanos” («The 8 Brothers») and who drove the leader to the beleaguered Soviet communist ship.

There he was received by Captain Ivan Culaggi on August 6th and spent several hours on board. The experience was transmitted to Cubans at a conference, on August 9, entitled «4 hours under the red flag» and subsequently published in Class Struggle, organ of the Communist group in Havana.

In Cardenas had enough sugar to complete the set load and August 15 (Saturday) in the afternoon the Soviet flag flew for the first time in history there was. The well known El Imparcial newspaper  redeployed a headline on the front page: «Like a silent, though gallant emissary of Sovietism, meet in the roadstead from Matanzas the Vastlav Voroswky Russian merchant ship

In Matanzas roadstead the Soviet ship was approached by different groups: journalists, labor leaders and others and the popular pressure forced the Machado regime to allow the participation of a group of crew to go ashore, on Thursday, August 20, and participate in an act guild rail, in the house at 51 San Juan de Dios between San Vicente and San Carlos, Pueblo Nuevo, headquarters of the Brotherhood railway. This act of solidarity became the first to be held in Cuba with the participation of members of this great nation.

After loading is completed on  August21st, weighed anchor and headed to the first socialist country in the world, leaving a lasting impression and prediction that in the future, Cuba also, as it happened, could be a socialist country.


Original text by Dr. Arnaldo Jiménez de la Cal on August 6th, 2014

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