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Governing with everyone

Gloria Machado León 7 agosto, 2014

Diosenis Machado, the current secretary of the provincial government, said that the work of the delegates at the base is vital to the efficiency of the People’s Power. (Photo: Noryis)

The need that in Matanzas province, the Government is carried out from popular participation, is evoked  by two women with vast experience in this field.

The first one, Deysi García González, for 18 years served as secretary of the Provincial Assembly of People’s Power; the second one, Diosenis Machado received the legacy of its predecessor. Both agree on key concepts for the structures of the People’s Power, no matter what level, to assume their roles optimally.

For García González, current director of the Archive of the Assembly, her nearly two decades as secretary of this institution showed her the  need of  a steady improvement in local bodies. “It is true that the principles that gave rise to these organs in Matanzas they still exist, but if you look at the Cuba of today, the changes being promoted in its economic model, it also requires a coherent People Power with these transformations. “

According to Diosenis Machado, “that is why we insist on the preparation of the district delegates to enhance the control and supervision in the community, as one of the missions in which much remains to be done.

“For a demarcation to work well, you can not ignore the People’s Council, its members, ensure, check for the warehouse, pharmacy, agricultural market, any entity of production and quality and efficiency respond to your request social, without harming life in the neighborhoods. “

Said Deysi that delegates are responsible for creating commissions integrated by neighbors to evaluate the performance of these companies or facilities, “where this is not done, things may not work out” , she said. This is to rule all confess, because the challenge lies in getting community work, hence, clarifies Diosenis, delegates should be prepared, make a diagnosis of where they operate, understand their economic and social, political, and then improvements, summon solutions from accountabilities. Only lasts, it is best assessed, which is built by all, stresses Deysi.

“Examples abound in the province of how community projects manage to unite neighborhoods, one of those that now comes to mind, remember Diosenis is the Alley of Traditions, where there was a dumping that distressed the people´s day, now grows culture. “

The same challenges required from the  districts and popular councils demand in municipal and provincial assemblies, as the highest bodies of state power on the side of the territory, a term that gained momentum these days to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Local Organs of People’s Power, implementation experience in this area in 1974 and two years later extended to the country.

Original text by Juanita Perdomo Larezada  on August7th, 2014

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