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El Chiquirrín bar-restaurant, a bet from self-employment to the”matanceridad” (+ photos)

Gloria Machado León 19 agosto, 2014

The craftsmanship of Ediciones Vigia, visible at the tables on the second floor. PHOTO of the AUTHOR

Miguel Galindo Corrales´s dreams, a railway engineer who became a gastronomist, are coming from a long time ago. The idea to realize a bar-restaurant in the city considered the most beautiful in Cuba, tormented him every year.

With its project on his shoulders among historians, archaeologists and visual artists one day he decided to start and along with it pay honor to the Matanzas of poets and essences.

And such was his commitment that after two decades of enthusiasm and nearly five years of construction work, El Chiquirrín opened just to evoke the bicentenary of his birth to Jose Jacinto Milanes, one of the most important voices of romanticism in Latin America , who also embodies the bohemian nostalgia of what they call the “matanceridad” spirit.

With nearly two decades as the main dining destination for sun and beach in the country, Varadero, Miguel Galindo chose to do his dream and auscultated the weaknesses of the national specialized cuisine.

You could go to the setting of the Cuban trite or the Carilda´s imaginary rivers and bridges that accompany more than one of the yumurinas institutions. However, away from concepts such as “income” or “profit”, he determined that his strength was precisely the link with the culture and traditions of the Matanzas.

Artists and craftsmen as the cartoonist Manuel Hernandez, Wilfredo Diaz  Rosales from Bayamo and Hector Correa from Jovellanos believed in his project. Thanks to them, the decor of the place has verses inscribed in small ceramic tiles everywhere, all known poets of the past and present, who contributed and contribute to the nickname Athens of Cuba: Carilda Oliver, Bonifacio Byrne, Milanes Juan Luis Hernández Milian …

Among his obsessions was the creation of two murals anecdotal. The first, located in the bar, recreates the events in Matanzas Bay in September 1510, which gave rise to the name of the capital city and the province; and second, staged spaces and city dwellers missing property or about to disappear.

To achieve Matanzas he went to Bayamo Wilfredo Diaz Rosales or better his technique of “direct cement at high and low relief”, just so he became convinced that the events that mark the emergence of local identity could impress Matanzas.

Well, in September 1510, led by cacique Aboriginal Guayucayex staged the first act of rebellion recorded in Cuban historiography, to choke a group of settlers trying to cross the bay and leave only survivors as two women and an old man. Since then the place was identified as the Matanzas Bay.

“I always had ideas of how to be the historic fabric or the means used by the natives and the Spaniards were confronted. For this I documented on many details, I visited the Provincial Historic Archive and the Historian of the City itself, the Doctor Ercilio Vento Canosa, “said Wilfredo Diaz.

While noting that the second placed in the inner courtyard, was the most complex because it shows missing buildings, many of them still remembered visually. “At the same time not giving up his artistic and educational value, the latter by way of guiding the youngest to which we add a legend.”

Among the professionals consulted to channel the validity of Chiquirrín, your name and historical reenactment is investigating Clara Enma Chavez, who praised the purpose of the self-employed, not only for its initiative for the cultural heritage of the city, but also for the accuracy reproductions thereof and proper placement, rippling, the national flag outside the premises.

The bar-restaurant has “Cobo Corner” with some of his original paintings in this way to honor the late renowned artist called “the painter of Matanzas” for consistency and style with which documented the banks of rivers and constructions.

“Right now I can say I’m in the game and not the goal. From now on I intend to continuously oxygenate the place: we samples, discussions and debates on the Matanzas, “the creator of the project who once said that he would subvert the restaurant in an art gallery and response !, he revealed: “no, no … what I’m going to make a gallery is in a restaurant.”

Today, Cuba’s Matanzas province represents the largest number of workers in the non-state sector, preceded only by the country’s capital. In this respect the experience of the Chiquirrín, Alfredo Comas García, member of the Association of Bartenders of Cuba and its president in side of the territory, he said that this is a very particular case in the national context, the fact link the culinary arts culture, history and tradition of a city known in time as the Athens of Cuba.

Meet on these images  El Chiquirrín bar-restaurant

The Chiquirrín Bar-restaurant , located in Versalles neighborhood, in Matanzas. COURTESY PHOTO FROM THE INTERVIEWER

Inauguration of El Chiquirrín on the occasion of the bicentenary of the birth of Jose Jacinto Milanes. AUTHOR PHOTO

Verses of recognized poets from Matanzas that are part of the atmosphere. AUTHOR PHOTO

The work of the cartoonist Manuel Hernández adorns The Chiquirrín. AUTHOR PHOTO

Wilfredo Diaz synthesized the historic plot of the fact that names the Matanzas Bay in a mural inside. COURTESY PHOTO OF THE INTERVIEWER

Fragment of the outer wall recrates those buildings that have now disappeared from the city environment . AUTHOR PHOTO

Detail of a mural inside. AUTHOR PHOTO


Original text by Jenny Hernández Suárez on August 19th, 2014







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