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Technological Diving

Gloria Machado León 29 agosto, 2014

When we look at our environment and check the technological artifacts that in recent decades have invaded our daily lives, alleviating tasks, bringing spaces toincreasingly encourage the interaction between human beings, we understand that the phrase “time flies” it’s  no more than that, four words that we express to relieve anxiety to see that what looked like yesterday turns in tomorrow.

So we checked the phone, this fabulous invention this month turns 138-year patented by Scottish naturalized Don Alexander Graham Bell, device that once was scorned by unable to look two inches beyond his nose, really revolutionized communications and has mutated into a mini portable communications complex.

This phone fits in a pocket, with him the same can establish a conversation with the neighbor across the street or someone who lives in the other half of the world, send text messages in a split second, listen to music, take pictures, make videos or recording audio, see the soap opera of the day, read a book and to use it as a flashlight when electricity is cut.

And it is a practical way to measure the time lived is looking and thinking how technology has transformed to the extent that we grew.

Those who can count more logically developments will be the longest-lived, because they witnessed the birth of the great-grandparents of devices such as computers, digital cameras, 3 D television , drones, robots, rockets and other wonders interspace.

If you want to check it, answer this question: Do you remember when we said: Do not smother the heart does not operate? Yes, my friend, a long time ago that operates and changes to the other, so I do not think, after the beach, in the summer it is best against suffocation diving technology.


Original text by Roberto Pérez Betancourt on August 29th, 2014

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