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Could it then be called Irene?

Gloria Machado León 18 septiembre, 2014

Maybe in 10 or 20 years there is no longer who remember or count events like this;  today,  Onelia, a grandmother of more than 70 years old  was asking me what date was today. When I answered  September 18th, she opened her eyes and said, “Today is the  Irene´s birthday, I still remember the hurricane of 1948″.

Although this phenomenon is not registered as the strongest of the year, the research does appear in one of the two that within 13 days devastated our island in the western region.

After the discovery of the date her Onelia, then continued speaking almost in soliloquy facts anyone present know.

“I was little but … I did not forget. We were all stuck in a hut that was moving to appear to rise from the earth. Mom and Dad sat in the doorway for us … not to get wet. It was horrible … Now I think if we were afraid what would be my aunt, Irene’s mother who gave birth right there -in another hut-  without being able to endure it . ”

As Onelia, many remember that hurricane matanceros nameless but in conditions like those with the Cuban peasant families of those times did not matter much what it was called, only the effects and the final was going to have.

Today she knows it was a Category Three hurricane as you know from these classifications. Near the end of her monologue she said, “it still sends shivers down my spine”… -she smiles- but well, Irene was born and today she turns to 66 years old.”


Original text by Idania Godoy Tápanes on September 18th, 2014

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