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Ysolina: the memory that does not…

Gloria Machado León 18 septiembre, 2014

Isolina-AlzheimermodYsolina does not remember her name is first spelled with Y. Walks slowly and speaks in a whisper incoherently, she confuses the evenings with dawns and she does not known for sure  where she sleeps and how many times a day drinks water.

With just over 80 years old this femme descendant of a family from beyond Santiago de Compostela in Spain, she joined the long list of over 35 million people worldwide suffer from dementia, the syndrome involving memory impairment , intellect, behavior and ability to perform everyday activities.

Her staring through labyrinths of time exploring a face without results, sometimes guess who has before in other minds appears lighter and smile when the person identifies.

Ysolina can not list her children, in a certain day they were disappearing from her memories and perhaps she mentions her close grandchildren as if she had brought them into the world.

Before night falls usually appropriate stories he heard at some point in their existence, as the day saw the arrival of her father on a boat from Spain and raised his hand in greeting or inheritance of a fortune property some English relative who came to Havana in August 1762 and was killed by the “rebels of Creole and Pepe Antonio resting eternally in the pits of an enchanted castle.

Alzheimer’s, which is named after the German neurologist and psychiatrist who identified the symptoms of the disease, causes progressive degeneration of the brain that affects memory, reason, behavior and emotions, and according to statistics announced specialized centers the number of patients increases 7.7 million each year, seized the SpanishCuban point that now can not find adequate words to express themselves and are not able to understand what others speak.

Clean and fragrant usually sits in his living room complaining of pain that has not, claim a glass of water when you just drink it, forget that ate frugally or lie to mourn for someone who died long ago as if he had received the sad news.

Ysolina is well cared for, his insanity is respected by people providing care and patience.

Amid such forgetfulness clings to its roots, a few tenths of the great Antonio Eulogio Hernandez German (Seboruco) is credited and repeated ad nauseam perhaps to save a single light on in the depths:

“I paint Matanzas with hazy memories,
the  Bellamar Caves
and I dare not paint
the owl‘s nest

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