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The sharp life of a whole man

Gloria Machado León 24 septiembre, 2014

A deep chronology of the life of the patriot and journalist Juan Gualberto Gómez from Matanzas has just arrived in my hands, right in the year where the whole Cuba remembers him for the 160th anniversary of his birth.

José Ramón González Pérez, MA in Social Studies and professor at the University of Medical Sciences in the city of Matanzas, and the principal investigator in Matanzas land of life and Matanzas Patriot reporter, «put» in my bookcase excellent summary of each of the steps of the hero from here can know each other better.

It is a kind of map that indicates the existence of one or mockery or impositions allowed his fellow players, much less the children of the masters of wit. The same child who spent the money on candy for other kids who could not buy it and rebelled against small affronts, insults, discrimination.

While serving their obligations domestic slave, probably the old Ma Concha will not take his eyes which over the years will be «a big man» as conjectured.

But Juan Gualberto Gómez and Ferrer came into the world with a greater blessing. He was born without owners. Emancipation conquered still cradled in the womb of Serafina, when the family decided to dispense 25 pesos for their freedom.

In Vellocino sugar mill from Matanzas, the municipality of Sabanilla del Encomendador the July 12th, 1854 was perhaps heard a different cry. Free! Juan Gualberto is free!

The gift, that payment of their emancipation, paid him the feelings of solidarity and justice that shaped the character, and then defined the personality presumed historian González Pérez.

 «I could not be avoided in any way influence the humble origins of the revolutionary must have had in shaping their spirituality, nor landscape abominable treatment of slaves witnessed. It struck him, as his friend Marti, for matches in the same province. John noticed it in Sabanilla, Union de Reyes; Joseph in the Hanábana Caimito, Calimete. »

The transcendent existence Patriot

José Ramón González Pérez, researcher of the life of Juan Gualberto Gómez

Consider the history teacher no inconsequential events in the existence of the patriot. Every event, transit country, forged friendship, prison, exile. All had repercussions.

«When its former owners moved in Havana, Fermin, Serafina and stem go with them. With about ten years and when arrives there is about age 15, and parents had convinced Catalina Gómez to help the boy to go to France to study.

«Although intelligence had already taught, perhaps because black was thought that only yield either a carpenter or was that his parents could afford, so they agreed to learn to manufacture carriages, common practice in Cuba of time. «

The gift, that payment of their emancipation, paid him the feelings of solidarity and justice that shaped the character, and then defined personality, José Ramón González Pérez assumed.

The member of the provincial branch of the José Martí Cultural Society explains that even though Paris receives in 1869, not far from woodworking subsequent raid on a school of engineering, the seduce Juan Gualberto Gómez intellect. The young man had both the opportunity to work as a newspaper reporter was crossed paths.

«That,he says, meant only the beginning of his journalistic work. The relevance of that start in the field of literature lies in the fact that it happens right in the global ideological capital currently receives context where the influences of heavy progressive ideas of the French Revolution.

«You know for a fact even the events leading to the Commune, the first proletarian state of the universe. Liberty, fraternity, equality three fertilized ideal in the mind of the young man at 22 years returned to Cuba with certain intellectual maturity and bug fight for their country, transmitted by Francisco Vicente Aguilera, with whom he discussed the European nation and then qualify as his master in the love of independence. «
González Pérez tells that meet José Martí in late 1878, engages immediately in orchestrating the call Little War. The debut of the two conspiratorial, accurate, meant a sort of baptism by fire. A year later befall the last meeting between them.

«Juan Gualberto had lunch at the home of special host, the day they were arrested the author of The Golden Age . Was not seen again. However, it is known for the great friendship that united them, trust Marti him … his right arm in the revolution of February 24, 1895 … The largest gem, as he called the Apostle, did not disappoint. «

The lights of a sharp thought

The way to approach the racial aspect is one of the motivating points in deepening the teacher takes on a still insufficiently known figure, with periods of low constant information that will arouse curiosity.

«Tacit defense takes the interests of the color elements of the whole island from the Brotherhood, a newspaper founded for these purposes. In other times and other publications, as the Board criticized the Act, to prolong inequity and aberration of the institution of slavery, who defended the rights of the black population.

«What was interesting was the interpretation with which he took the bout, a position that generated disagreements among its own color, inclusive vision of white and brown, contrary to the supposed exclusion divide those who gathered in liberation wars. So he condemned attempts to divide public school segregation as harmful when it is logical to promote Cuban integration. «

Distinction confers particularly the fact that Juan Gualberto Gómez believed irrational ethnic strife in a country whose mestizo dominance and extended kinship extends to unexpected areas. «Question tackles the rise of the Independents of Color due to the procedure used and opposes the creation of a single party for blacks.»

Estrada lambasted Palmas, narra, to eliminate from the list of those invited to a party at the seat of government to the family of black Morúa Senator Martin Delgado. But he himself receive dissimilar taunts, attacks, harassment.

In the form of jest called him the man of Ibarra, the failure meant lifting 1895 in Matanzas. «Not even the undeserved offense overcame her character,» says González Pérez. «Some time later claim that as at that time never had felt so virile man in the sense of the word, and what we wanted to present some miserable as a shameful page, was perhaps the company who most proud.»

Victims of misunderstandings, when he could do it, always responded the only way he knew. From the intelligence of a verb that placed him among Hispanics lofty speakers.

They say that the president wanted to ingratiate himself Machado delivering a speech to deliver complimentary in 1929 the Cross of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, more, countered that it was not a man to bow, recant, or take steps backwards. «The Juan Gualberto with Cruz is the same Juan Gualberto without Cruz» sentenced.

Rated as its peak, remember, led those who opposed the imposition of the Platt Amendment, the move of the United States who fought from faithful ideas of independence and sovereignty. «This political vision moves into infinity.»

In his view, much remains to delve into remote regions of their existence. «We need a Juan Gualberto live everyday and not of anniversaries, which through the streets, plazas, schools, workplaces. Ande a Cuba that still needed to banish minds of certain racial concepts.

«Here in Matanzas, his land of birth, we explore space in the media, neighborhoods, communities, to continue spreading periods of whom remain about 22 of its 79 years of life outside the island, not to give up their belief country.»

From its  ideas they could never dig him up.  Ceuta African prison could not either. Spain did not succeed. Nothing submitted, firmness, insists González Pérez, who admires without measures.

The cult journalist, thin man, who unwittingly say, seduced women with exquisite expression, died as free as born. Which was representative of the House and Senator, died in 1933 in the poor house to repair it with the help of some friends.

Some time ago, responding to attempts to break its ethical integrity, had stressed: «… I’m still the boy before. I give the money for anything … The only thing I change is not decorum. «

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Original text by Juanita Perdomo Larezada on September 24th, 2014

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