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Confessions of a recent graduate

Gloria Machado León 26 septiembre, 2014

Nobody knows how the first day is going to be. We all imagine or try to figure out a happy encounter, or rather a happy beginning. With a first image is not sufficient to unravel the secrets of the new world to which you belong now. No longer the passive student, although I‘ve never been in that group as they used to tell me.

Week passes and you still do not get used to the idea. You look forward to returning to the place that changed your life, where you became friends in the morning, those who were there to share an extra or a world. You left college part of yourself, much more than a name in the book of graduates.

You make up excuses to return but the Matanzas colossus, which satisfied exiled father will nest, sure you’re ready to go after the news.

Were typical complaints from a student, now the demands of a professional before. Gone are the bohemian nights, massive leaks some late to class and you waited corner every Friday to hitch hike and ask for a ride to Jovellanos, Betancourt, Jagiiey Grande

Now forms part of the workforce, I repeat every day to see if nostalgia thereby decreases. I think it best to give it time and meanwhile work to make real the pledge we made all graduates of the race just a month ago in the Velasco Cinama-Theater from Matanzas: be true protagonists of our of our time to make a critical and constructive journalism, defend the interests of working people and worthily fulfill the tasks demanded economic and social development of our country.

Hopefully not fail my strength, that do not cut my wings, the ravenous censorship does not make me their prey. I can speak from my voice silence.

Author: López Ibáñez Yadira


Original text by Radio26 Redaction on September 26th 2014

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