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Fishing cloths: the end does not justify the means

Gloria Machado León 29 septiembre, 2014

Every month, those who ensure the compliance of the regulations for the seizuring of marine and aquatic species occupy, only in Matanzas province, miles of networks known as rags.

Often, when extracting them from the sea, they bring with it chelonians in a state of putrefaction. For those who do not know how these meshes, those who use are suspended from buoys and floating as huge spider webs in the sea for several days, trapping any animal entangled in them work.

Besides being a licensed commercial fishing only for art, indiscriminately kills various species and often can not use for example -for capture turtles die of suffocation in minutes unable to reach the surface to breathe and decompose quickly.

These chelonians are in serious danger of extinction and are protected not only in Cuba, but also by international institutions.

I remember a few years ago from Australia, so far from us, reported that one of these animals, equipped with a transmitter for studies on the species, had been captured in Matanzas.

Indeed, his remains and equipment were found in a home in Matanzas city itself, which meant research time and resources that were missed by the illegal capture of the turtle.

The Office of fisheries inspections, guards, body guards and other institutions have emphasized the protection of our flora and fauna, but we should not leave them alone this task.

Although I do not condone, it is true that some people use their meat as a possible alternative to supplement the diet, but are usually intended for illegal sale.

However, I think we should think of other options, as another way of improving the relationship between us and the environment, already damaged.


Original text by Sergio López Herrera on Septiember 29th, 2014

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