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People from Matanzas continue with the guard up

Gloria Machado León 29 septiembre, 2014

The September 28th day, 1960, was one of those days that in its own right are part of the history. And not only in people´s history , but the most universal of all, because according toMartí´s words: «Homeland is humanity.»

Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), were born and they did so firm and resolute, facing a very fashionable scourge years later … terrorism.

The Yankees tried bombs, that very day, frighten Cubans gathered in front of the former Presidential Palace when they received our undefeated and invincible Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz.

Hours before Fidel proclaimed at the United Nations: «Stop the philosophy of plunder and be gone the philosophy of war.»

The genocidal shrapnel that September 28 was all she could manage this reality today and always more about Joining Fidel, Raul and our party, ready to fight on any front, in the first line, the only choice possible for us Cubans .la victory.

A 54 years after this incident, the CDRs are the largest mass organization in the country and landed at this birthday stronger than ever and we are part of the Communist Party of Cuba, thanks to our participatory democracy as an organized people who are the CDR in each neighborhood country.

We, the  CDR members remain bastions in the revolutionary popular surveillance, which is our first goal, to never again be slaves and to continue moving towards the future that we cultivate ourselves and we continue tilling eternally with their guard up.


Original text by Marta Fernández Álvarez on September 29th, 2014

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