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An economy in great need of new impulses

Gloria Machado León 2 octubre, 2014

For the third quarter of this year, the Matanzas economy is located in printing a major boost in production and services sectors to rescue accumulated gaps in the creation of new values ​​and run the plans with the efficiency that demands its fullfillment.

The latest full provincial Party Committee found more than 71 million pesos in commodity production deficit and a decrease of 0.8 percent compared with 2013 in the first seven months of the year, indicators that reflect inadequacies in the supply of inputs but also on the actions of productive entities, requiring more comprehensive analysis on concrete facts, in demand by party nuclei and administrative enforcement.

It was learned that six agencies and 39 companies defaulted in Matanzas the commercial plan in the period noted above, 17 of them belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture, Tourism six through five units of People’s Power.

Nationally significant breaches that need to be reversed is also observed.

Recall that in the first half barely registered a 0.6 percent economic growth in the country, insufficient pace to meet growth expectations.

As for the national projection for 2014, adjusted plans expect an increase of 1.4 percent of GDP, lower than the 2.2 previously planned, and well below what is necessary.

All provinces need to revitalize the use of their productive potential and services in the last quarter. Matanzas has a real chance of doing so, especially in food production and the sugar harvest, whose productions on stage starts in October will contribute to economic indicators this year.


Original text by Roberto Pérez Betancourt on October the 2nd, 2014

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