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Interpreting to know how to preserve the heritage

Gloria Machado León 29 octubre, 2014

The rescue and preservation of cultural, tangible and intangible heritage requires levels of expertise in order to develop beneficial actions for real or personal property.

Another element to consider in the complex process is to develop communication strategies to educate people in this regard.

Speaking of heritage interpretation, the specialist José Manuel Hernández de la Cruz explained that «heritage interpretation is a relatively young discipline that was born in the English-speaking world. His goal was the preservation of natural parks, but knowing its importance and effectiveness of its application to other heritage extends to all exponents of equity.

«As such it is the art onsite reveal the legacy of natural and cultural heritage to a public who visit the place at your leisure. So what defines the Spanish Association for Interpretation, which is one of the most important devoted to the topic.

«The significance of this is that equity becomes meaningless when it is outside the context in which it is located. It is an art because its development involve several disciplines such as graphic and industrial design, history, communication as a way to convey the message.

«It also requires skill and expertise with the interpreter communicates that heritage. It is a communication strategy that applies to assets to sensitize the public to the object or building with heritage value and develop values ​​to prevent deterioration. «

The specialist in the Office of Monuments and Historical Sites in Matanzas, to assess the state of heritage management in the province, said that there is a school for the training of personnel dedicated to these purposes «in Matanzas. Heritage interpretation is a discipline that demands resources and strategies because, even though the person is born with abilities to communicate, you need techniques taught through the education system. In my opinion that is what affects Matanzas today. «

Happily for several years actions develop into new interpreters, through a discipline that is taught in the race Sociocultural Studies, which contributes to the existence of institutions with an excellent strategy to communicate the heritage treasure.

«For example, the Pharmaceutical Museum (National Monument) is stationary in time, with a very different from the rest of these institutions museology, with a speech that does not change because it is their issue and how the museum stopped in time.

«The property that holds the museum are original works of the highest net worth. Added to that, people who work in it are excellent communicators and convey the message effectively.

«There are other museum staff, I am very good performances center managers of some institutions, such as the former director of the Castle of San Severino (National Monument).»

Among the purposes of interpretation are values ​​education for heritage preservation, said Hernández de la Cruz, who said the actions that can be implemented in Matanzas to contribute to the effective implementation of the subject: «The selection of staff go to work in a museum to fulfill this function can not be simply because a person meets the academic requirements. This process depends on aptitude tests to show whether that person has the capacity to be a good communicator heritage.

«It would also be very important, if you can not be a center that is dedicated to the teaching of interpretation, creating postgraduate courses that enable people to be devoted to this task.»

The specialist spoke of the qualities that should distinguish a heritage interpreter: «The community plays a key role because it is the fund manager and the custodian thereof. I speak not only of the content in museums heritage also plays a key role in the interpretation of real estate.

«For this, the personnel working in this activity must have skill, power of synthesis, proper diction is very important your physical appearance. Must also discern when the public takes more to awaken the interest. «

In the current context of Matanzas heritage interpretation becomes crucial to keep stuff. As the role of specialists is essential if it is to communicate the heritage will be necessary to implement effective and engaging activities that link people to this purpose.

The correct start successful of these communication strategies success lies in order to bequeath to future generations a unique city like ours.


Original text by Jessica Mesa Duarte on October 29th, 2014

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