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Major energy savings for the long nights

Gloria Machado León 29 octubre, 2014

During the winter months  nights are longer and the daylight lasts less, so from Sunday November the 2nd across national will rule in Cuba the regular schedule.

This is a step in the growing energy demand by the increased use of artificial lighting in homes and public lighting, besides the use of modules cooking in the famous «electric peak hours» five to nine night.

To weigh the overconsumption in the domestic sector, measures are implemented at the state and ban during peak hours of operation coolers and electric furnaces, repairs sugar mills and equally fundamental continuous production industries move for another memento of the workday.

With these and other actions, said Daniel Pereira, an official of the Provincial Board of Directors that meets Energy, Matanzas intended to achieve compliance with the assigned energy plan for the year, as to the first half of October the territory was overdrawn zero point six percent.

While the savings in the state sector is stated in point five percent in the residential is passed in one point-nine consumption is mainly due to the high temperatures experienced during so far this year, they have only been been diminished by the rains of this month.

Therefore, in order to contribute to the promotion of the culture and the rational use of energy, both in population and in public institutions, the National Office for the Control of Rational Use of Energy urges to continue the log employment, self-monitoring system in older services, ie those who consume three thousand or more KWH and the use of appliances and lighting equipment that are strictly necessary.

The reduction in electricity consumption in addition to financial savings, contributes to a lower impact on the environment by decreasing greenhouse gases that directly affect climate change.


Original text by Ana González Goicochea on October 29th, 2014

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