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Frank Domínguez: a sensible loss for Matanzas and Cuban culture

Gloria Machado León 30 octubre, 2014

A call from his sister to Radio 26 station, a station that highly broadcast his piano works, gave the sad news of the death of the Master Frank Domínguez Padron on Wednesday in Merida, Mexico.

At 87 years old, just turned, die songwriter known you I got used bolero theme that swept the world in the voices of renowned singers of all latitudes.

Figure essential feeling of movement in Cuba, Dominguez, although she studied pharmacist from the eight years he began to study the piano.

Considered a master of the «feeling» this matencewor who was born on October 9th, 1927; launched in 1958, their first album, «Frank Dominguez sings his songs,» an event in the musical history of Cuba.

From  CubaDebate we took a replica of a review of Frank Dominguez life, written by the Matanzas historian, Berardo Alzola Nodarse, Researcher of the Matanzas Provincial Museum «Palacio de Junco» :

In the late 20s, the twentieth century, it lies in our city a young couple, formed by Nicolás Domínguez Island native of Matanzas (Pharmacy Technician) and Francisca Padrón Sanz (Professor couture), born in Guines .

They came with their first born Francisco Manuel Ramón Dionisio, who was born on October 9, 1927, at 7:45 am, Calle Clemente Fernández No. 104 (now No. 94 9306-08, between Shell and Marti, Guines province of Havana). This happy couple set residence in Cuba Street No. 52 (currently 30021) between Compostela and America, Matanzas. The child receives the waters of baptism in the parish of St. Julian of Guines, on June 10, 1928 and were godparents Dolores Bouza Moreno and Rafael María Curbelo.

Its fun and happy childhood passes; He attended primary education in the school attached to the Normal, Rogelio Lopez Centellas, located at River No. 41 (currently 26802) corner of City Hall. It is around this time that comes her love of music, especially the piano. While visiting his parents in the home of friends, the boy surprised to see a piano and a careless conversation sitting on the bench and starts playing or give pianazos and that later becomes unforgettable for him. Upon returning to the house expresses its desire to study piano, receiving resounding no! On behalf of the family.

Persist and convinces parents, saying that would not study anything other than the piano. With 11 years of age he began his musical studies on the «Orbón» method, with teachers Ida Nery Ortega and Graciela Santiago. Defeated primary school he continued to study music and enroll in Higher Elementary School No. 1, located at Matanzas, between Middle River.

In September 1942 he began his studies at the Secondary School of Matanzas, with record 665. Among its teachers and Edith Agnes Guiteras and Jorge Casals, graduating with 19 years of Bachelor of Science in 1947. He is the oldest of three brothers: Freddy and Judith. In 1945 he began his career as a composer, coursing through 5th year studying piano. Declined to college because he was not interested concert, I just wanted to know the secrets of the instrument.

Very young yet begun to accompany the piano singer Gilberto Aldanas in different acts and performs a program CMGW Radio (now Radio 26), our poet Carilda Oliver Labra, entitled «With your heart and soul.»

«Panchito» a young redhead, conversed with her ​​first song piano; «Take refuge in me …» our dreams are based on one, talking about love, that feeling becomes poetry, to sing to the pain. »

Finished his studies at the Institute, at family request, choose to enroll Doctorate in Pharmacy at the University of Havana and Matanzas temporarily say goodbye to her, inspired by the huge moon writes: «Moon over Matanzas, ancient and flirty, which bathe your silver San Juan and Yumurí on the Cuban sky many moons shine, but never liked any as you. «In college, during a break between classes, attends named «Bar of Physics» and starts playing; relates to and meets the composer Angel Diaz, who leads meetings Filin. Then comes in the radio program «Star Search», the CMQ and will record their first bolero. The song, true, it is news, and art emerges for FRANK DOMINGUEZ.

Start of nocturnal wanderings, contracts, radio, television, and in the third year of studying Frank decides to pause studios and follow the musical path he had so suddenly come to life. Slowly, however, will examine the subjects to graduate and so to please their parents and gives the satisfaction.

He has never exercised the race; he said, «I do not like, that’s not my world.» Frank is born under the zodiac sign of Libra, has composed numerous works, given the code 320 of the Association of Musical Authors; in that society has 224 works registered and many other unpublished or registered in other associations. He is a member of the SACEM (Association of Authors and Composers of France), ACDAM (Agencia Cubana Music Authors’ Rights), SCAC (Latin American Society of Authors and Composers), CENDA (National Center for Rights of Authors of Cuba). Over 50 publishers report their musical creation.
He married in 1957 to Josephine Enriquez, whose union born Frank (mathematician) and Glennys (dancer); both have two granddaughters: Glennys (Mexican) and Jennifer (Cuban).

He has worked in major cultural centers nocturnal and Cuba, taking recordings for television and radio disk. Note that the Images Club, located at Calzada and C, Vedado, was opened in honor of one of its most beautiful and universal boleros and it was Master your host as always.

The Master is chatty, easy, entertaining, racy, precise and with a highly developed sense of humor. His favorite time to write is in the morning. Does not like it pigeonholed as a purely romantic composer, as has dabbled in every genre of pop music. The cast of us can always quote Benny Moré, Elena Burque, Martha Justiniano, Merceditas Valdes, Lucho Gatica, Fernando Alvarez, Pedro Vargas, Miguel de Gonzalo, Marco A. Muniz, Paloma San Basilio, Greta, The Buccaneers, The Modernists and the D’aida, to name a few.

Several countries known for their art, such as Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Panama, etc. In these 57 years of artistic life have been the numerous awards received by this celebrated author, plaques, medals, trophies and certificates.

They emphasize the distinction between them for National Culture, 25th Anniversary Medal EGREM Medal 70th Anniversary of the Museum of Fine Arts and CMQ Trophy. Frank Dominguez is the favorite pianist of all; his voice and his songs invade the field of presentation, a composer who makes his creations that emotional ingredient able to convert your tunes in a message «arriving» and that makes sense, the listener, as if they were your own. Now composes new songs that will be sung by word of mouth. He chooses who sing them as simply and with his own sense manner; lyrics and music are fused in magic that claims its place in the radio and records. Who has not heard your romantic ruling remember me WHEREVER YOU LISTEN MY SONG, BECAUSE I WAS AT LAST, WHO TAUGHT YOU ALL I KNOW OF LOVE, BUT THE FATE or MARK A WAY THAT TORTURE AND BETWEEN MY LEFT ARM SPACE yOUR FIGURE AND yOUR I got used ALL THESE THINGS AND YOU taught me tO BE WONDERFUL iF Porque Tu Me Acostumbraste, his most famous song, would not be known until the ’50s, when René Cabel’s disclosed in the program television; but all records of popularity and sales are broken disk recording Chilean singer Lucho Gatica. It tells the teacher that bolero was inspired by a very special person who taught her very special things; never imagined that after registration, the April 28, 1855, will start flying with long, light wings. One of those songs, in order, to which every listener is «usually» only to hear: Love at first sight; of those who remain and become legend.

In the eleventh edition of the Festival Internacional Boleros de Oro, a gala with his music and its most representative performers was held realzándose quality of it with his presence.


Original text by Gicel Guerra de la Riva on October 30th, 2014

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