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Office of the Curator of Matanzas has been opened

Gloria Machado León 31 octubre, 2014

This week the Matanzas Curator Office was officially opened with legal scope to facilitate the implementation of its priorities for the rescue and preservation of heritage in the province.

As said Mario Sabines, Vice Chairman of Provincial Administration, prior to this time the city projects analyzed, the most immediate actions to undertake and on the budget to be assigned to the new institution from the first months of 2015.

Leonel Pérez Orozco elected to serve as curator of the city, said the office is matancera product analysis functions from the rest of the country, with new features that will avoid duplication of functions.

So, in order to reorganize, restore and provide specialized information about these issues, the company is structured into four teams, primarily focused on Heritage and Urbanism Projects, Services and Administration and Economics.

Also, the institution shall ensure the proper handling of furniture and heritage buildings of the territory, mainly in response to the unfamiliar and outrageous actions of people who have parts of buildings or property, without prior approval from the competent authorities.

Tania Leon Silveira, president of the provincial government, specifying that the significance of the founding of the Curator’s Office is that, as of this moment, the institution shall have full power to submit to the direction of maximum territory government policies aimed work to intervene in the restoration of Matanzas city, to ensure its proper implementation.

The correct implementation of the provisions of the Curator’s Office in Matanzas, said Pérez Orozco, require the existence of a body of inspectors to oversee the actions that threaten the preservation of heritage.

Pérez Orozco pointed out that the objectives of the Office to be oriented towards long-term rescue of movable and immovable property of Matanzas historic center, in order to broaden the perspectives for the development of city tourism, and obtain new sources of financing for future restoration projects and heritage preservation.

Also, mentioned that among the conservative challenges are to educate and raise awareness on the protection of the values ​​of their city, to appreciate that from their wealth, since its intervention in this area will be critical.

Also, were established as priorities for the selection of qualified staff thicken the entity and implementing restoration work in the city center, where the Matanzas will witness the progress that has conducted staff.

In the future, the Office shall file in the building where the Cofinit family, former headquarters of the Basic Electric Organization township lived, which will host a meticulous process of reconstruction in 2015, a task for which it is already allocated a budget.

In the same building will be located the School of Crafts, where workers who ensure the proper implementation of the restoration of the city will be formed.

The creation of the Office of the Curator of Matanzas city is part of the actions provided by the provincial government in regards to the 325 anniversary of the founding of Matanzas city, in 2018.

Notwithstanding any deficiencies be amended by the way, the mere fact dream of a better city, where the land laws and the historical and cultural values ​​are respected, no doubt, we will return the pride to live in the aptly named Athens of Cuba.


Original text by Jessica Mesa Duarte on October 31st, 2014

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