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The death of a revolutionary wise from Matanzas

Gloria Machado León 31 octubre, 2014

The Catalan Guiteras family settled in Matanzas in the early nineteenth century and since then has conducted a meritorious work inserted in the matanceridad, especially after it was loosely connected with other Catalan-Matanzas family: the Gener´s.

From the union of Eusebio Guiteras Font and Josefa Gener y Puñales was born in this city on January 4th, 1852, in the old house near the corner of River City Hall, a man who put Juan Luis Simeon.

The child attended the famous school Company under the direction of father and uncles. At the outbreak of the Ten Years’ War the Spanish authorities closed the college of Guiteras and family persecuted for his liberal and separatist ideas, have to emigrate and settle in Pennsylvania, USA, where once had commercial relations.

This situation forced the young Guiteras to interrupt the medical career that had enrolled at the University of Havana and continue their studies in the neighboring country, where he graduated in 1873. He was a professor at the American University.

He specialized in infectious-contagious diseases especially yellow fever, and was part of the US Commission came to Cuba in 1878 to study the condition indicated. In those years the Academy of Sciences of Havana correspondent named Partner. Also part of institutions and world-class organizations in the United States and around the world.

He met Marti and had a friendship of mutual significance to great effect by both parties. Dr. Guiteras joined the Cuban Revolutionary Party (PRC) and became president of the Body of the Cuban Council of associations formed in Philadelphia.

He helped the PRC in its Department of expeditions, through its relationships with American naval authorities, all of which testified Estrada Palma. When the E.U. intervened in Cuba’s war against Spain, came on an expedition and participated in the contest in the province of Oriente.

After the war remained in Cuba and began to teach in their specialty Ia University of Havana with a much lower salary he received in the US He occupied important positions and wrote several scientific articles. Finlay defended the thesis after his death and showed that the climate of Cuba was not unhealthy, showing that his health hazard was due to leave the country, first by Spain and the US and then by the neocolonial regime.

By uploading Zayas presidential Guiteras appointed as secretary of Health and Welfare (now Ministry). He soon came into conflict with US proconsul E. Enoch Crowder, who ordered the June 17, 1922 his dismissal. Matanzas sage withdrew from public life and settled in Matanzas. He attended the establishment of the Medical Federation of Cuba who became homage to him.

He died at his home Matanzas October 28th, 1925 and the eulogy did Dr. Joseph A. Ash, president of the Academy of Sciences of Havana, who said: «… and the history of Cuba as recorded in its pages and one of its most illustrious sons. «

Today, in Matanzas, Faculty of Medicine bears his name and thousands of young people continue their profession such dignity to all mankind.


Original text by Dr. Arnaldo Jiménez de la Cal on October 31st, 2014

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