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Baseball Series: best reinforcement for the weakest ones

Gloria Machado León 11 noviembre, 2014

The mentor for four consecutive years of Matanzas team and who has led this team to the stellar levels of Cuban baseball,Victor Mesa from Villa Clara, has said he will continue fighting to stay in first place for the 54th National Baseball Series, even if it means a disadvantage when asking for reinforcements.

The selection of reinforcements, say the first post-election season the best players of the payroll that fall outside of the second round, are a practice in the Cuban National Baseball Series for two years.

About the application of these beisboleros aces trump card may be there is a ritual, sometimes even ridiculous by its hardbound mode and out of tune, which come into play taken from under the sleeve rules, and even chance.

The idea of strengthening the team is very good. This pointers continue to play each position throughout Cuba and quality focused national sport.

But if we go into the formulas for choosing the reinforcements we can run with certain maneuvers, although are completely transparent, can change the course of the series and bring victory to computers with poor performance, which came in the second round barely .

Let us begin with the formula used for selection. In a first round managers begin to call in reinforcements in ascending order according to the standings at the conclusion of the first stage. By this order the better team during that part of the season is the last request.

That is, to some extent it is a disadvantage to arrive first.

The second round is the first to eighth, but note that they have already ordered eight of the 40 players that can be obtained in the five rounds; and thus have faded from the various stellar list that everyone wants in their relationships.

Then the third, fourth and fifth rounds are left to chance.¡A lucky!

I guess the logic of equating quality was what motivated those who wrote such rules, however, is it fair to compare? Is it that way rewards the best team of the season? Does baseball is a game where you fit another random one that actually returns us your weather whims or injuries of players?

«You have to ask parroting our commentators.¡Yes, you have to know to ask !, but it’s hard when you have brought before your eyes the best men.

Each manager must become a strategist in calling reinforcements, balancing your needs with the opportunities that are left to him. You can always be wrong, because there are many variables at play.

But are such neat things mess boosters work best for the weakest. A hard are rewarded with what is left, then with what they can, and they launch a new series with other equipment, which are now composed of the most original reinforcements.

Matanzas and Industrial, two teams that in recent contests have become the choice of reinforcements at the top have seen their chances of success vanish.

They could not choose reinforcements. Wins who know better select, repeat Modesto and Rodolfo. Victor Mesa and Lazaro Vargas, definitely do not know or have no luck. Or maybe you should play worse and move less in the first phase.

Recounting the last three series, we conclude that the reinforcements do win championships, or at least their involvement defined victories. It happened with Villa Clara team that featured in Series 52 men of the stature of Yordan Manduley (Holguin) Edilse Silva (Santiago de Cuba), Danel Castro (Las Tunas) and  Jonder Martínez (Artemis), among others.

Without them Villa Clara had not won.

History repeated itself last year with Pinar del Rio, a team that at this stage of the Series 54, but recovers, unsatisfactory and many role it will play in the Caribbean Series because of their impoverished conditions are questioned.

Vladimir Garcia (Ciego de Avila), Giorvis Duvergel (Guantanamo), Denis Laza (Mayabeque) and Roel Santos (Granma) were instrumental to reach the final. Then, in the absence of Garcia and Laza, were re-boosted with the Avilanian pitcher Osmar Carrero and Andrew Quiala (Las Tunas).

Another point to consider: the 52 series Villa Clara and ranked eighth in the 53 Pinar was fifth.

In recent years, teams marching at the front throughout the season do not win the championship, and getting to Villa Clara, the champions of the previous series are not among the semifinalists in the next contest. Reinforcements are not the only cause, but one to consider.

Several commentators have advanced that perhaps in the future there may be fewer teams and not required to represent these provinces, but that time has not arrived. The National Baseball is the core competence of Cuban baseball is our biggest series and its title is the highest aspiration of any territory.

The Cuban series is a show, a national holiday, but is above all a competition healthy but competition nonetheless.

When new variables are entered into a competition, and is privileged to the most disadvantaged, is changing the course of the lead, which can then be unfair to those who are better prepared as a team.

Perhaps in this series is no longer possible, but I think, in my humble opinion of amateur baseball, you should rethink the way in which the reinforcements are chosen. It is not to eliminate this practice, but reformulated so that it does not become a disincentive to the best.

It is true that the brightest players from teams «last-place« can join other teams, but the choice of the reinforcements should be less influenced the course of the series, awarding the first choice to go forward.

Just just momentarily stop the National Baseball team and comfortable in the Matanzas up first with balance of 22 won and 11 lost. Possibly at the end of the first stage continue in that position.

As scheduled on December 25th will be the selection of reinforcements for the eight teams that qualify to the second phase. Is it a disadvantage for pointers to choosing the award for reinforcements such a good campaign?


Original text Yirmara Torres Hernández on November 11th, 2014

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